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I've had enough of energy drinks for now. This is a pretty bad first impression, and I wasn't all that interested anyway. I guess next up is coffee. Don't ask how I've gone so long without ever having some of these things.

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I used to drink energy drink stuff and it started to give me heart palpitations. Not worth the sugar crash and health problems they give you. Just drink coffee! 


Dreamy: If you are serious that's awesome. You should love yourself as much as you can, and do whatever it takes to be happy. You've always been a bit of an enigma to me as far as who you really are as a person, but if you ever want to share your story (and maybe learn some of mine), feel free to message me.


Also discovered this last night baking. Good stuff!



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please look at my children I have a third one now




the new one is the one on the middle shelf & his name is Steven (to match Stella's name since they look similar and they're only ~4 months apart in age). someone found him in the shopping cart area at the safeway dad works at so they kept him in the office for a few hours until the humane society opened and dad could drive him there. afterwards he pestered mom about him for a week until she finally gave in and let us go out and adopt him.


him and Stella play together and Henry is very happy that he's here to keep Stella distracted so she doesn't harass him


we were gonna name him Safeway Cat but decided to not do that (that's his legal name on his paperwork though)

then we were thinking of naming him Stanly but didn't do that either bc that's dad's name

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Awwww cute new fur baby Angie! Bonus points for adopting, too! Sometimes the best pets find you!


You got evicted, Dino?


Oh yeah so like, I went to the Korean grocery today to pick up some specialty ingredients and found this:




What makes this special is I've had the "not 2x spicy" one and it was frigging hot. The cashier was even like "Are you sure about this?" "Oh yes. Yes I am."  A chicken holding a bomb breathing black flames with little cackling evil peppers? Oooh, I can't wait to hurt myself with this. 


Yeah, Rosie eats instant ramen sometimes! D:



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these were gonna be easter cupcakes but mom didn't want me to bake at easter because it was also her birthday and she wanted a specific kind of cake that wasn't this



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