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4 hours ago, Angie Cakes said:

these were gonna be easter cupcakes but mom didn't want me to bake at easter because it was also her birthday and she wanted a specific kind of cake that wasn't this




Ohhhhhh. Those are amazingly adorable!

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7 hours ago, Rosewind said:

Megalovania bad time or locked-in-Rosie's-closet bad time?

1) The latter because it sounds like more fun


2) I'm sick, yay


3) F2P browser game now has a $10 DLC in the works even though it's a F2P browser game(It is on steam though)


4) I don't think I need a number four


5) It's too hot in here, Summer you need to turn around and go the other way, we don't want you


6) This free game, unrelated to the other, Mabinogi is really cool and time consuming. Anime MMO.


7) Accidentally set my alarm clock to 12 AM, which is rn. Well I didn't set it to that, I left it there when I plugged it back in


8) Why am I making this list

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It's supposed to allow you to focus on non-combat things which you can but like why would you not want to do combat tho. If you do check it out, do your tutorial quest. Some "talents" get them. Talents are sort of like your class, except all they do is determine your starting gear and which skills level up faster, along with certain buffs like increased Mana regeneration. I picked Transmutation and didn't even know about my tutorial quest until I changed talents and lost it. Oh yeah, if you do play, go on Alexina for your server. Even though it's the most populated one there aren't tons of people.

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Well my elf loli says you can, but the problem is that I can't use lances. Consarnin' elves are too teeny-weeny for them. I would've been a giant, but my brother already picked that and my cousin did human. A human archer, bleh. He did it because that's what the character in his book is like or whatever.

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