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22 minutes ago, PatchworkPsycho said:

Depends on the laugh


I can do 'em all. Big laugh, small laugh, chuckle, exhale air from nostrils, maniacal, petty, mocking, robotic, snicker, high-pitched, low-pitched, sarcastic, bombastic, slow, astonished...I've done a bit of cry laughter, in my time.:papyrus:


Cry laughter is a mix of "I can't believe this happened, and it hurts, but it's also absolutely hilarious." Rarely used, but it comes natural when a football hits where the sun don't shine.

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1 minute ago, Rosewind said:

Oh geee...a lot of stuff. Some Japanese candy/snacks, a dog pen, dog cookie cutters, coffee, prickly pear candy, finger puppets, dog licorice, some stickers, decals, and buttons! Probably a few other things I'm forgetting about.


That sounds pretty good! I didn't even know dog licorice was a thing. That's gonna be one lucky dog. :)


9 minutes ago, PatchworkPsycho said:

Only pretty large? Hm.


Yeah, who's the one with the tank here, dino-bro?


I've personally been working on my dictatorial cackle, and I'm dying to use it soon. :undyne:

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5 minutes ago, PatchworkPsycho said:

That's part of my concern, you see. A tank is artificial largeness, as a dinosaur which is a naturally large creature, I'm skeptical.


Ey? So what? Like... 


This is...this is war talk! Where's my--- :|


*panickingly gets off his stool and flips the table he was eating cereals on and trots to his tank parked off into the horizon*



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4 hours ago, Penumbra said:

How appropriate, since liquorice tastes like dog butts

When did you get the chance to lick my butt??


3 hours ago, Rosewind said:


I can't help if my butt tastes that way! Gawd!

I know. Seriously people. 

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26 minutes ago, Rocky said:

Me every evening: "I'm going to bed at 9:30 so I'll feel good getting up at 4:30!"

Me also every evening: "Oh wow, 11 got here fast."


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