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Warframe is the kind of game that gets away with selling you characters at like $20 worth of their premium currency because you can trade for said currency(my friend says the trade economy in-game is pretty good, I haven't gotten into it because ew people) and there's nothing game-changing locked behind a paywall to my knowledge, everything can be acquired in-game through a lot of grinding.


A Warframe RP could be neat because it's basically robot superheroes in space. There's more to the world but that's the most important part.

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As some one who has gone though two pricey laptops in the last 4 years, I would advise against a gaming laptop.
You can get decent computer for a quarter of the price.
My new comp has a window where you can look inside and see all the techno bits. 
Its also loud as hell and glows bright blue, so downloading stuff at night is really annoying. 

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Mine glows, is loud, and has a window too

But I can change the color, right now it's on a great purple(except for one of the fans which has red lights that I can't change, the other two case fans do too but I had to unplug them since they weren't working right)


Oh, and the occasional freeze-ups, other than that this thing is alright

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17 hours ago, SymphonicFire said:

You got it?!




No no no, I meant for you. If your laptop sucks, just drop a bunch of money on a new one. That simple.


17 hours ago, Tenkan said:


"just stop being poor"


Awesome. I will commit to that from this day forward. :catbug:




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Let me tell you about the Tuesday thing. Every Tuesday my Mum and I like to go to a Chinese restaurant. We've been going there for a while and we know like, everyone that works there. One day I brought them bagels from work and they were freaked out happy. Then I got mangled, stuff happened, and I haven't had goodies to give them from work because I've not been working from medical leave.


We had a friend of my Mum's join us there once and she was shocked at how extra they treated us. "I never get any of these things when I come here," she says. The special tea, fried noodles and interesting sauces on the side, goodies from China, extra cookies at the end. Ya gotta make friends!


Since I started work this week, I've been amassing a pile of goodies to give to them today. They should be really happy!

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