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23 hours ago, Rosewind said:

Please tell me it was these:




I would definitely recommend. If you decide you don't like the piercing, you can just let it heal. I don't recommend getting it done at the mall -- go to a legit, clean tattoo studio. It will run you more, but they also know what they're doing and have good standards of cleanliness, follow-up and aftercare. I got a second one on my ears a few months ago and it healed stupid fast.


Piercings are like giving yourself shots (which I do!), the idea is more cringe than actually doing it.

It was similar to that actually.


I'd really want to, but the idea of my innocent butt walking into a tattoo studio feels weird.

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Me: does random voices until my throat hurts

also me: keeps doing random voices


I'm sick and tired of random MHA spoilers so I've decided to read the manga, but I just finished what's aired of the dub despite being caught up with the sub, so it's a whole lot of bleh as I go through(because I refuse to skip) what I've seen twice or more

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It was the 13th? I honestly didn't realize.. 

 Went to a concert last night! Sold-out show for The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. Classic rock and funky stuff everywhere.

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@SymphonicFire Do you need your Wolf Mother to go with you? I will.




Let me down slowly? No way, we do take downs around here:




Oh yeah, I'm totally current on MHA! That last episode with Frog Princess crying was heartbreaking! Pemby, Anime is a basic law of the Universe. It's the Milky Way version of the Force. It flows through us, is part of us; it binds us and guides us. I added Cells at Work to my list 'o stuff to watch.

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