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Last post wins

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I can almost feel the pain from just thinking of that but, it's probably far worse than what I can imagine..


Also today I made one of those damned Walmart impulse purchases..




 I mean it was only $5 so eh.

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Once I walked into a music store without any intention of buying anything and left with a $1000 keyboard.

If that's not an impulse buy then I don't know what is.

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 No don't do alcohol! Actually don't let me tell you how to live but don't do alcohol! There are alternatives!

  Like when I get depressed, I usually go out with some friends and rob convenience store.

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10 hours ago, SymphonicFire said:



UuUUUpUPUPuupu! :monokuma: 


3 hours ago, Rocky said:

Patch, I think the avatar I made for you covers every birthday you've had and ever will have. I don't feel I ever have to get you another gift.






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On 4/5/2019 at 11:24 AM, PatchworkPsycho said:




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 Look, kid... If you're going to illustrate yourself flipping us off, at least have the common courtesy to make it realistic.





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Yeah I'm starting to think 'flip Jacob off on a regular basis' is in all my coworkers' job descriptions. 



 In all honesty, I spent a good 10 minutes flipping myself off to use my hand as reference for that picture. 🙂

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