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Korea is fire. Do enjoy it; it's a really neat country! Rocky's Pizza sounds pretty cliche. So is the old job done?


I'm still working a bazillion hours a week. I'm going to get looots of time off in less than two weeks for some medical stuff.

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On 7/12/2019 at 5:27 PM, Rosewind said:

 Rocky's Pizza sounds pretty cliche. So is the old job done?

 Yeah no more factory work for me.  Now I can get overwhelmed with impatient customers who think we serve fast food.

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I'm hardly around now either.. I try to be but it just doesn't happen.


Also if any of you haven't seen Akame Ga Kill then good.




How do you name a series after one character but then spend like 23 episodes focusing on a different character only to kill them off in the 2nd to last episode and make the series about the title character again for one episode? Like I get that you killed off the main male protagonist and that all fine and dandy but it wasnt even the final episode. I'm not usually happy when main characters (or ones who confess their love to another only seconds before dying......) of any show get killed off but just series just left me dissatisfied. There was a sense of closure I suppose but I really didn't like the ending at all. 



 Useful information is my specialty


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Hey Patch, you know there's someone here that hasn't seen Far From Home yet and while it may be their fault for slacking, they still may wish death upon people who spoil it for them.

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