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There there, we all got memories we'd rather not think about...

Just focus on the now and what you can do to improve the now :D

Yes. Your right. I can't focus on the darkness of the past. I have to look at the present.

*grabs a cupof tea and spiral his computer chair about to look at the darkness only to be starring at a thousand burnt and melting corpses, each with shinning eyes that stare into his soul*




can't beleive this....


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My imagination is a wonderful thing. Just a few minutes ago I was a banker! Can you imagine? Tomorrow I'll be a firepony.


we can make mutiple accounts...that isn't against the rules...?

No. I could not use that power for good. I am too weak.

I cant beleive this. The pinkie I knew is being split into different personality before my eyes...

*throws cup away and immediatly reaches for a flask of early grey and starts to chug it down*

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Guest EoLPinkie

Besides, Rarity Underground is just that, my hidey hole. This is how I normally am, and Aria shall be the rise of my dark power at the terrible rebirth of Equestria! In the end, there's just Pinkie :D

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