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Berry Punches Frighteningly Fangtastic Pumpkin Punch Bar!

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The gazebo, Berry had concluded once having investigated all possible avenues, presented some very fantastic open opportunities for business in a romantic setting. in fact, she had set up a reasonably temporary yet stable mini-vending bar for ponies visiting the gazebo to buy their small drinks and snacks from.

Having put the finishing touches to her setup, she then proceeds to place bowls on the table and, using vast amounts of skill and dexterity, pour her specialist Punch brews and wines into each of them...

Soon, Strawbloody and Pumpkin Frogberry Punches, GooBerry Juice, along with VineLime and,Deadberry Wines flowed and filled the various bowls that line the table before the purple pony - she had made the finest concoctions for this event and was determined to attract many a customer and maybe witness many an interesting evening along the way. Nightmare night definately had an interesting effect on other ponies.

There were, of course, alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions of both drinks, just so that absolutely everypony was able to have a sip of the fine beverages on offer!

The mare herself was dressed up in a white all-over toga...a laurel wreath placed above her brow and resting comfortably. Her costume was a fairly basic representation of diponysus, the old legendary pony of alcoholic beverages ...it wasn't the most complicated costume, but Berry thought it appropriate!

" Well, I do think that's everything for now! " Berry says with an air of satisfaction - she was ready for the evening to commence truly, and thus she placed a small open for business sign on the side to let other ponies know that the refreshments were readily available for purchase.

" Wines an' Punches for sale - 2 bits a glass...finest ingredients and dedicated attentions of Ponyville's finest! "

For the next few hours, Berry Punch was prepared to stand guard and sell her wares...she had plenty on hand to supply, so all she really had to do right now was just be the attentive barmare that she on occasion had to be - There was just no telling what was going to come over the coming evening!

Berry Punches Frighteningly Fangtastic Pumpkin Punch Bar

now officially open for business!

Come on in, have a drink and share a quiet romantic moment with a loved one, escape from the noise on your own and talk to berry,

or just drop on by for a drink and then go back to another RP location if you desire!

Have fun, and drink...as much or as little as you want !

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Snowfall was having a good time so far. She had been in town for the opening of the brand new Fillydelphia branch of her company, Northern Storm Industries, when she had heard about this delightful little festival they were holding in town. It just sounded like so much fun, Snowfall had decided then to take a little time off from her work to stay and experience it for herself.

She was dressed in what she thought to be quite the fun little costume. She wore a pitch black formal suit with a red lined black cape. Sharp fangs protruded from her mouth and red lenses were worn in her eyes. With her natural pale pelt and her mane and tail which she had dyed black for the occasion, she was sure she made quite the convincing vampire pony. Elegant, seductive and unsettling. She was everything she needed to be.

After exploring the festival a while, Snow decided to check out the nearby gazebo. She had to say she was impressed. She had lived in wealth and splendor her whole life, yet even as accustomed as she were to the most lavish pageantry Stalliongrad had to offer, this was still undeniably beautiful. It had a good atmosphere too. Quiet, serene, romantic. If this place was somehow transported back home, she'd definitely consider using it as a venue for company functions.

Snow was alone, so there was only so much enjoyment she could get out of the romantic atmosphere. Looking for a means to apply her time there, Snow noticed a bar that was set up off to the side. A pink earth pony mare stood there looking over several bowls of drink. Wines and punches for 2 bits a glass, a sign indicated. Snowfall was a pony of fine tastes, so she definitely enjoyed a sip of wine from time to time. Curious and a little thirsty, she decided to check this bar out.

"Good evening," she greeted the barmare. She allowed her usual very slight Stalliongrad accent to become a little less slight, thinking it would fit her costume. "I'm interested in your wines, my friend. What might you recommend for a pony of elegant tastes such as I?"

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Walking over towards the bar were three friends travelling together. One was a petite Pegasus blonde mare wearing a clown costume, a taller, older light blue unicorn mare who was wrapped up in white bandages like a mummy, and a Paint stallion with a peace sign cutie mark who wore no costume at all.

"C'mon Modge!" Jubilee the flying clown neighed. "What have you got against Nightmare Night?"

"Nothin' really," Mojo said with a shrug of his shoulders. "Dressin' up to scare other ponies ain't my scene, ya dig me?"

"I'm rather surprised to hear that," Starflower said as the three walked up to the bar. "I would think YOU of all ponies would appreciate being free spirited on Nightmare Night! I'll have a glass of berry punch, please, miss."

"Never figured you for a party pooper! I'll have the same, ma'am!"

"Don't go layin' a guilt trip on me, Wings. I'm just not into dress'n up in a costume. Make mine a glass of wine, please."

Starflower and Jubilee noticed the costumed mare already at the bar.

"Look here, Mojo! There's a mare who's in the spirit of things tonight."

"Hello there. I'm Starflower, well, under all these bandages I am. This clown with wings is Jubilee, and he's Mojo. What's your name?"

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Berry had barely settled down when a rather fetching vampire-costumed pony strutted in - it was clear from the way that she carried herself that she was of a richer community than Ponyville...maybe even canterlot - Berry decided that trying to pre-empt this ponies style of living and instead decided that it was better to attend her needs...which, of course, would be to ask Berry what she would reccomend to a classy gal such as herself.

" Glad you asked! " Berry says with a flash of a smile that told of a pony about to rattle off into a well-rehearsed spiel!

" Considering you're most likely to be looking for something subtle, I would probably reccomend either the StrawBloody punch - which is made up of the finest blend of Strawberry and Apple, with a hint of raspberry and a lemon twist...or the DeadBerry wine, made up of the finest red grapes from Canterlot as well as a zesty addition of gooseberry for a small added boost of flavour. "

However, before the other pony could give a response, there were other entrants to the scene...which distracted her attention momentarily, as she excuses herself from the previous pony momentarily...she wouldn't take too long, since those ponies had already placed their orders, setting aside their payments.

" Enjoy your drinks, guys! " she says with a smile, serving up the 2 berry punches and 1 DeadBerry wine - before turning her attention back to the previous customer apologetically. " Right, yes - which wine would you wish to try? 2 bits for each of them! "

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The barmare gave her recommendations, but before Snowfall could make an order, some other ponies approached the bar and made their own orders. Was this customary behavior in the south? Back in Stalliongrad ponies waited their turn to be served. Snowfall wasn't annoyed though. She was in too much of a good mood for that.

The three ponies did notice her at least, it seemed. They approached her and the unicorn of the group even asked Snow her name. Now Snow hadn't even had her wine yet, but she was already feeling kind of silly. She was really in the spirit of the festival, so to speak. She was on vacation. At that moment, she wasn't Snowfall, acting chief executive officer of Northern Storm Industries. No, she was a denizen of the night! She cackled softly as she bared her fangs to the ponies. She raised her hoof, bringing her cape to cover her face.

"Hailing from the darkest forests of the distant north, I am Countess Blood Mist, the dark mistress of the night!" Snowfall announced dramatically before stomping her hoof back down and giving a hearty evil laugh. She was having fun. She didn't care if these ponies all thought her crazy for it.

Satisfied with her dramatics, Snow turned back to the barmare and gave her a smile. She found in her suit's pocket a small but packed bag of bits and brought it out. She threw four bits onto the bar.

"I would love to try a glass of both your StrawBloody Punch and your DeadBerry Wine then," Snowfall said in a cool voice. She was very interested in what this pony was selling now. From the way she spoke of it, she knew her product well and had quite a lot of pride in it. It was undoubtedly homemade. Most wine Snowfall was served came from only the most pretentious of established vineyards. The idea of trying something personally crafted by what was surely a particularly skilled artisan of wines and punches had Snow most intrigued.

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"Countess Blood Mist! I love it!" Jubilee squealed. "Betcha took a while to make that outfit! Looks fantstic! See Mojo? Here's a pony who really knows what Nightmare Night is all about!"

"I'm impressed with your costume as well," added Starflower as the older unicorn mare smiled at Snowfall.

"Lovely outfit, really it is, Miss," Mojo said with a polite grin. "Will you be participatin' in the Costume Contest later tonight? If ya are, afraid ya got some stiff competition."

"What do ya mean? The Countess here's got a better costume than mine!"

"Wings, didn't ya see those two ponies who just ran into the Corn Maze? One was a mare who dressed up like a bobcat cowgirl and her date was wearin' shiny body armor from his head to his hooves! No offense, miss, but those two got the Best Costume Contest wrapped up!"

"Don't be so discouraging, Mojo!" Starflower interrupted. "Your costume is very good, Countess."

"This punch is great! Thanks ma'am!" Jubilee said as she flipped the barmare two bits.

"Jolly good wine," Mojo said as he paid for his drink.

"Thank you very much," added Starflower as the unicorn mare floated two bit coins over to the barmare.

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" Oh, Certainly! " Berry says, giving her polite smile before serving up the beverages into 2 plastic glasses placed side by side...careful not to spill any, since she wanted to make the most of all of her supplies as she could - she was limited to what was available here, after all.

" I'm sure you'll enjoy just how delicious and yet lively they are...especially the lime flavour, it's a unique blend! " the purple pony says as she set the glasses before Snow and took the bits, tossing them into her collection basket beside her.

" I'll be here all night if you feel the need for more later tonight - although I may close up now and then to visit some festivities going on later tonight! "

Berry then settles back and watches the interactions between all of the ponies, giving a small giggle of amusement at Snowfalls dramatic acts - ah, it was nights like this that made it all worthwhile...and whilst she didn't exactly run a bar herself, she was always happy to sell her wares in a setting like this just to see both the interactions of the customers, and how they enjoyed her fruity concoctions...and right now, things seemed to be selling just fine!

The group of three seemed eager and talkative, which helped make the atmosphere immensely...and the other pony seemed fine to gel with them also.

She watches with a small smile as they all chatter amongst themselves. She always enjoyed the quiet enjoyable moments of the night like this, and tonight seemed like there was plenty of potential for many interesting things to take place...

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"Hmmm, a contest?" Snowfall started, looking at the three ponies. Like any good businessmare, she could be quite competitive, so the idea of contests was always exciting. "I may have to check that out."

"And thanks!" she added in response to their compliments. She nodded politely. "Your costumes are rather fetching as well."

Snowfall then turned to the drinks she had been given. She grabbed the StrawBloody Punch first and lifted it to her face. She took in the aroma first. It had a sweet berry smell that Snow found relaxing. She sipped it gently, her tongue analyzing the flavors. It was quite good. All the flavors the mare had mentioned were detectable in the blend, but they also came together harmoniously. It was sweet and fruity, but not overpoweringly so and it had just the right kick to it.

"You've managed quite the complex flavor here," Snow commented with a steady nod. "Quite pleasing really."

Snowfall then moved to try the other drink, the DeadBerry Wine. This was closer to the sort of drink Snow was used to. The aroma was intense and inviting. The taste was even better. It just had a really fresh note, and the addition of the gooseberry made it sing. It went down a lot easier than a lot of the over-priced drivel that was served to her back home, that much was for sure.

"I must say I'm impressed," Snowfall said with a ready nod to Berry Punch. "These are your own blends? Flavors as fine as this should be selling at far more than 2 bits a glass."

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Berry couldn't help but chuckle slightly as Snowfall complimented her drinks - as often as ponies would enjoy her wines and drinks, giving compliments and critiques about how they tasted and such, she wasn't a hugely ambitious pony. Indeed, she was more of a mare who enjoyed just supplying her wares to those who would be willing to simply donate what they wanted to the one who would supply their beverage...

" Oh, I couldn't! " she says as she rubbed a hoof along the counter absently. " It's true that my drinks are high quality...I've spent many a moment practicing and concocting new flavours...but I just prefer seeing ponies savour and enjoy what I create. I don't think I could charge a higher price in good conscience, not when I'm living just fine as it is with supplying my drinks on larger scales to bars both here and in canterlot. But a stall such as this...no, I can't possibly work like that. "

A brief silence descends, and After a moment of thinking, the Pink pony then adds to her spoken thoughts with a small shrewd smile.

" If they like what I have, there are plenty of fancier places that probably charge higher anyway! "

She didn't really mind how others sold her drinks, but in a small intimate setting such as this...no, 2 Bits was fair enough!

Berry decided that this was the point to turn on the old Barmare charm - after all, she didn't know anything about the pony before her...time to rectify that.

" So...if you don't mind my asking...You strike me as being an out of towner - where'd ya come from to get here, Miss...Blood Mist? "

The question trailed off a little as Berry tried to think of how to address the female pony...and more or less failing to do so - and thus she resorts to using the small nightmare-night monicker she had introduced herself with earlier as an appropriate alternative for right now.

It was customary to try and at least start a conversation with clientelle, and Berry was going to make a good example of just that!

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(ooc): Oops, got skipped, better catch up

As Mojo, Starflower and Jubilee enjoyed their drinks, the young blonde Pegasus mare dressed like a clown looked up in the sky and sighed.

"What's the matter, Wings?" Mojo asked. "Penny for your thoughts?"

"Oh Mojo, I was hoping Hoss would be here tonight," Jubilee said sadly. "I truly love him and it would be nice to spend some time with him."

"I know how you feel, dear," Starflower said as the light blue unicorn mare wrapped in bandages walked over to her. "I met a handsome stallion in Ponyville while I was on vacation there a short time ago. He and I really hit it off! He's the stallion of my dreams! And I do miss him."

"Oh, ya mean Sir Knightly? That guard pony dude?"

"Yes! I do want to see him again. He stole my heart."

"And you being a nurse, betcha did the surgery yourself!"


"Good one, Modge!" Julibee laughed before she turned sad again. "I really miss my Hoss..."

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(OOC; sorry delay, I was checking with another player. I'll probably have to run Shanna as a seperate post here or in another thread to keep from bogging this thread down for the weekend since that other player is out of town and posting intermittently)

Meanwhile, Hoss Skybright was flying around over the festival with his sister, Shanna.

Hoss was dressed as a magician, while Shanna was dressed as the Bride of Flankenstine.

"Here's the meet-up place, let's land."

the pair landed near the Gazebo, next to a lamp post decorated with jack 'o lantern.

Shanna nickered fretfully "I hope Bull Dozer shows up soon. I've not been to a Spooktacular this big before."

Hoss nods "I hope Jubilee made it as planned."

Shanna fluffed her electric beehive styled mane and smooted her red and black dress. then did a double take "There's Mojo! Inside the Gazeo. She should be nearby."

Hoss neighed eagerly and made sure his mane was neatly slicked back and tophat & cape on straight. "I hope Bull Dozer shows up soon then, see you soon, sis."

With that, Hoss trotted in and up to Mojo. "Hi Mojo! It's Hoss! Where's... Jubilee!"

Hoss bounces on his hooves excitedly as he spots the pretty blond mare in her clown costume. "Hello there, sweet mare! Can I make your worries disappear?"

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Snowfall nodded at the mare. From the sound of what she was saying, the pink pony already did have her fine concoctions on the market and was profiting off of them; the drinks were just discounted for the festival. Snow approved of that charitable spirit.

"I see. In that case, it delights me to hear you are profiting on these fine beverages," Snow said on the matter, taking another sip of the punch.

The barmare then asked Snow where she was from. Snow smiled at how the other pony seemed a little lost as to how to address her. She barely stopped herself from laughing.

"I come from Castle Blood Mist, deep in the heart of a long forgotten wood... where ghouls and specters gather and no mortal pony dares tread!" Snowfall answered in an over the top dramatic voice, accompanied by silly mannerisms and exaggerated facial expressions.

After a pause,she started laughing softly. Then in a much more authentic, humored voice, she said. "Actually I come from up North. Stalliongrad, to be exact. I was visiting Fillydelphia on business when I heard about this festival. It sounded like it would be a delightful time."

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(OOC): Need to react to Boss Hoss's character interacting with mine.

Mojo smiled as he saw the Pegasus Hoss coming near him. Then the hippie brony giggled when Hoss's eyes answered his own question.

"Don't think I need to point her out to ya, chum," the Paint Stallion laughed as he saw Jubilee's eyes light up with excitement when she saw her beloved stallion.

"HOSS!" she shouted, zooming over to him, nearly colliding with him as the blonde Pegasus mare threw her front hoofs around Hoss and gave him a big hug. "You made all my fear vanish instantly!"

"Oh, young love," Starflower said as she nudged Mojo. "Do you think you'll ever find your true love, Mojo?"

"Don't know, Star, but I'm cool with whatever life sends me," the Paint stallion said as he returned to the bar. "One more glass of that groovy wine, please,"

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Bull Dozer trotted toward the Pumpkin Punch Bar, then paused a moment to check and make sure that his costume was on right. He didn’t want to go in there looking like an utter foal!

The brown stallion checked his neck and made sure that the bolts were securely stuck onto either side. Bull Dozer also checked to make sure the hat he was wearing (which made him look like he had a flat-top with black hair) completely hid his long blonde mane.

Once everything was up to his standard, Bull Dozer proceeded toward the gazebo. Before he entered it, however, he noticed a mare standing just outside of it, He squinted as he looked at her, not quite recognizing his mate. Finally, his eyes brightened up a little and he trotted over to her. He gave her a small smirk, “um…hey there Shanna-” Bull Dozer paused and cleared his throat, “…I mean…Ms. Flankenstein.”

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" AH yes, Stalliongrad...thought I could recognise tha distinct brogue - Just couldn't place it! "

Berry gives a small chuckle as she ponders on that for a moment - she probably should have known, but these things did happen!.

" Oh, well - I've most certainly heard the accent a few times, but in all honesty I've not been around it enough to pick up on it instinctively. "

Seeing that the subject was moving on, berry simply decides to pour herself a glassful of the non-alcoholic variation of her Strawbloody punch and takes a long sip...the drink was moderately sweet, the berry flavours filling her senses with delightful memories of summer and times she spent outside with her Ruby Pinch - her daughter Unicorn whom had made every day for Berry all the more precious for being a part of them.

It seemed like the place was picking up some activity - Berry was growing more confident that this was going to be quite an interesting and profitable night if she continued getting ponies at this rate. She welcomes any and all arrivals, settling back behind the bar to keep an eye on everything that was taking place...ready and waiting to take any orders that might come her way.

Nightmare night was already shaping up to be quite the little success...she only hoped this would be a familiar sight throughout the course of the festivities!

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(OOC: edited, I'll go ahead and make this a full sized post with Hoss after looking over who has posted when)

Shanna fluffs her beeive styled black mane and the sprayed on white streaks, then rubs against the huge stallion "Bull Doz.. err, Flankenstien! Shall we head inside for some of those awesome drinks I smell?"

She turns and twists to show off her elegant, and artfully tattered red and black dress, cut for her wings to lay over them, and her tail styled in frizzy waves like her mane with a white stripe like a lightning bolt down them.


Hoss nickers eagerly and hugs Jubilee back "I'm glad to see you too, hon. Have you had anything to drink yet? What sounds good?"

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"I suppose our accent is distinct," said Snow with a laugh. "And I wouldn't expect it to show up often this far south."

She finished her glass of the punch and nodded. Interested to learn more about the talented drink maker, she turned the question back on her, "So what of you? I don't detect much of an accent in your voice. Are you native to Fillydelphia, or are you from out of town as well?"

Snow then smiled and took a sip of her wine.

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Jubilee smiled as she stood with Hoss.

"I've had some of the berry punch, it's really good!" the blonde Pegasus neighed.

"Hello Hoss," Starflower said with a grin, "I would also recommend the berry punch."

"Greetings, Hoss!" Mojo neighed. "Ya gotta try this wine! It'll knock your blinkin' socks off!"

"Not a good idea, Modge. Hoss and I will be flying and it's never a good idea to fly tipsy."

"Who said anythin' about gettin' stone drunk? I know when to quit, Gimme another wine, barkeep!"

"Maybe you better just have some punch instead, Mojo."

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Berry was beginning to honestly enjoy the evenings developments so far...the atmospheric buzz of the ponies whom had made their way to the bar was truly uplifting, and the fact that there were even some asking for a second helping made the purple pony smile somewhat - they were a very talkative and enjoyable bunch and she couldn't help but feel overjoyed that her small halloween-themed stall had generated something of a crowd.

Excusing herself from the stalliangradic discussion momentarily, which she was most enjoying, she tended to the wine order from the one pony in particular who seemed like he was having a good time. Sliding his refilled glass over to him, she offers up a smile and winks playfully at Mojo...

" If you like what I got here, maybe ya'all should pop over to Ponyville on market days...I tend to sell bottles of the good stuff there, too! " she says, accepting his payment of bits and tossing them into her saddlebag. " Just remember to enjoy it in moderation, okay? Nopony wants a bad ending to a good night! "

If the rest of the night was going to continue in this way, she'd make a decent total in no time at all!

She canters back over to her vampire-outfitted customer with an easygoing smile as she settles down again - after clearing her throat gently, she resumes their discussion. " Sorry, Going to be a busy night it seems! " she says apologetically " And no, I'm not really from up this way seeing as I'm based in Ponyville...but since this is one of the biggest and best Nightmare night festivals in equestria, I couldn't help but set myself up here to maybe attract some customers. We sometimes do pegasi deliveries through ponyville post office, so it's not totally uncommon that I'd send a bottle or two to customers from all over...heck, perhaps I can work something out with you! " she says with a small quick coy wink and a hopeful smile on her muzzle.

" You seem like the kinda pony who'd enjoy a nice relaxing wine at the end of an evening, after all... "

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Hoss smiled and nodded, making the white rabbit plush sticking out of his top hat bob and hugged the cute clown pony with a wing. "Sounds like good punch to drink then."

He chuckled at Mojo's reccomedation. "Careful there Mojo. It's already sounding quite potent."

The pegasus stallion flicked a wing to pick up the endless stream of hankies spilling from his pocket and waited for Mojo to finish his order. "Appropriate costume, Ma'am. Diponysus right? I would like a Pumpkin Frogberry Punch please. Do you have a business card? I might pick up some of that wine he's having for nights when I'm not flying anywhere. There are nights when doing Astronomical Observations need a little pick-me-up."

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As the barmare excused herself from the conversation momentarily, Snowfall downed the rest of her wine. She smiled when the earth pony returned and gave her an apology and then continued the conversation. Snowfall listened with interest.

Ponyville, eh? Snow had never had cause to go to the town. It was a small town without much prospect for industry. Definitely not the sort of place NSI would have any presence. Snow's stylist had ordered a couple dresses for her from a designer in town though, and she had been quite pleased with the quality. Between that and this wine maker, maybe Ponyville, despite its small size, was full of people of great talent? Snow would have to investigate someday.

"You have no cause to apologize for attending to you customers, Miss. I know very well that business should always come before pleasure." Snow smiled and then added, "But you've certainly read me well, Miss." She said with a fond laugh. "Truly there is nothing better than a nice glass of wine after a day's work."

"Your offer certainly does intrigue me," Snow said with enthusiasm. "For now however, I'd like to sample another one of the beverages you've prepared. Something a little sweeter, perhaps?"

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"Not to worry, Hoss," Mojo said as he took another sip of wine. "I'm a hippie, chum! We hippies know how to handle potent portables like this."

"I'm not so sure about that," Starflower said. "maybe you should switch to the berry punch. It is delicious and quite refreshing!"

"It sure is!" Jubilee squealed as she heard the band begin playing again. "C'mon, Hoss, let's do some fancy hoof'n!"

"Go get'm Wings! Your the best dancer in all of Equestria!"

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(oops; missd that this had updated)

Hoss nickered happily as he lept into the air in an elegnt hover, facing Jubilee.

He then wove side to side, his legs moving like he was weightless above the dance floor, his wings fluttering quickly as he danced with Jubilee.

"This is the best Nightmare Night ever!"

Shanna spent her time gazing at Bull Dozer as they sat together, and would heartily agree...

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As Boss Hoss complimented her costume before initiating questioning about a business card, she looks to him and shrugs slightly as she serves his drink.

" Well, I haven't really gotten much in the way of an actual business card, but you CAN find my stall on market days in Ponyville - if you want home deliveries to where ya live, I can probably arrange something...just as I was talkin' about with the countess over here! " she says, nodding in Snowfalls direction again before returning to their previous conversation - whereupon she's prompted to serve something a little sweeter!

" Well, I think I may have just the thing... " Berry says with a small grin as she slides over a freshly prepared glass of the Gooberry variety punch...the juice-drink being in fact dark Purple, and small fleshy fruity elements drift around within - intentionally left in, of course, to lend to the flavor factor and maybe just a little of theme relevence. After all, her stall was currently horror themed and it only seemed fitting to have drinks that looked the part...

" The GooBerry Juice! " she says proudly, chuckling a little as she gave a little nod. " Plenty of Blueberry, raspberry and some light but sweeter fruits added, alongside a little hint of Cinnamon to give a little spice to the sweet sourness - and maybe a little touch of a couple other secret ingrediants that you might find interesting! " the wine colored pony says with a teasing wink. " Here you go, Miss - enjoy...I'm fairly proud of this one, as a matter of fact. "

She waited with baited breath to see if the mare approved - for some reason, it was always anxious waiting for new opinions on her drinks - she'd been serving them for the longest time and yet for many reasons she wasn't really sure of, moments like this often made her edgey.

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Snow smiled at the barmare. She nodded as she placed another five bits before the pony. She took the drink eagerly and sipped at it. Her eyes went wide. She was surprised just how refreshing it was. Sweet, full, rich, complex. Just liek the other drinks, it left Snowfall quite impressed.

"Another remarkable blend," Snow said earnestly. "The cinnamon really comes through. The flavors just work together, and the berry pulp somehow makes it even more refreshing."

Snowfall laughed softly. "You've outdone yourself again, Miss..."

Snow cut herself off. She frowned and shook her head, as she realized something important. This pony had never given her name. The pegasus now felt somewhat embarrassed.

"How rude of me. All this time speaking with you and I never had the courtesy to ask your name. Or would you prefer to simply be Diponysus for the night?" Snow added, punctuated with a giggle.

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