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The Ponies Got Me in Trouble at Work!


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So I was taking my 10-minute break at work, and we're allowed to surf the net, check emails so long as whatever we're surfing is work-safe.

Well, I got on to youtube.com to watch episode 3 of season 2 and it was around the part where Rarity was lounging on the couch whining about something or other, when my supervisor comes up and says, with a very serious tone, "I know you're on break, but you know we're not supposed to watch any streaming at work."

I said, "Not even the Ponies?!" (Yes, I really asked this. hehe.)

She said we're not supposed to stream ANY videos at all and reminded me of the acceptable use policy our company had implemented. She said this was my official verbal warning.

Was it worth it?

Hell, yeah!

But still, the Ponies got me in trouble! :(


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