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Pony Customs/restyle and Art-- Trixie WIP


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Hello once again fellow bronies! I wanted to go ahead and post a little artwork on here to show you. I'm more than likely going to update this thread with all my new pony artwork when I'm done.

Also before I start getting image heavy, here's me deviantart if anyone is interested in watching me and staying in contact on there: http://inkeed.deviantart.com/

I'll start with the custom WIP I have. She's my first custom so some tips and pointers would be awesome! She's a WIP because I plan on making her a hat and cape; I hope to make them as accurate as possible and need to make my way over to the store to buy the fabric. None of that felt; gonna get a nice fabric that will drape over her nicely much like the cape does in the show.


Here's another WIP of carrot top; I plan on making her hair more of a natural red than a straight up orange.


Pony restyles--- Bad picture quality (cell phone, hur). Will upload better quality upon request. I also will be making tutorials upon request; working on a pinkie pie restyle tutorial right now.




Rainbow Dash:


Fluttershy: Easter Fluttershy---rehaired and floral symbols removed.



Pinkie Pie: No longer has bobby pins.






No AJ. :C

Also some doodles to show you to even out the customs. They are not complete, but it's to show that I actually draw. I do ask to refrain from criticism on the doodles; I feel like they belong in the scrap book--- I promise I'll have something worthwhile later to show you, where I'll ask for some pointers and tips.


First time ever drawing a pony; ever.


Another fluttershy--- I stopped because she looked derpy (notice her left eye is off). My second time drawing a pony; a test speed paint.


Carrot top is annoyed and talking; just to clarify--I was going to put a speak bubble but never got around to it. (Somepony pointed out her expression was questionable.)


Practicing crazy expressions. Yeah--- I like cupcakes.


WOOOT G3! I like the way they look, shush.


Something I'm working with now, just started actually. Hope to get somewhere with this, I'm a lazy artist.

Thanks for stopping by! :'D

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Oh, it's all too easy to refrain from criticism on the doodles because they're bloody AMAZING. If these are your napkin doodles, I can't imagine what your best work looks like.

And the customs? See above. Carrot Top? OMG, can't wait. Carrot Top is my favorite BG pony! If ever you want to make a sale, I'd put down money for Carrot Top.

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Sorry for not replying sooner. Carrot top is my favorite BG character as well, so I'm going to be extra critical on myself when working on her.

I'm about to rehair carrot top now, I'll post up pictures when I'm done.

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful compliments. <3

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hi hi

I dig The Great and Powerful eyelashes in that first picture, also, how did you get the sparkles in her cutie mark? Is that a glitter filled paint, and if so, how you get get it to be a smooth consistency?

Also, I love the doodles. The first one or the last one with Fluttershy might be my faves but its hard to say.

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Carrot top is done!



Her hair is darker on purpose. In those pictures her hair looks really dark though, I plan on redoing carrot top with the correct hair color. This was more of a pumpkin than a true orange. I used a burnt orange due to preference. Will sale her later when I set up a paypal. I kinda wanna stare at her for awhile, lol.

hi hi

I dig The Great and Powerful eyelashes in that first picture, also, how did you get the sparkles in her cutie mark? Is that a glitter filled paint, and if so, how you get get it to be a smooth consistency.

I use no glitter filled paint. All of it was just flat colors mixed to achieve a certain color. What I did was water down the acrylics really thinly and painted it on layer by layer until I got the desired amount. After so I took a blue-mix of white and dabbed on the dots with a smaller brush (and thicker paint).

I do recommend if you plan on going into pony custom work, ALWAYS keep your acrylics as thin as possible. It's a lot more work and lengthy, but you avoid brushstrokes and an overabundance of paint. That's what happened with Trixie eyes there.

The only secret to a smooth consistency is water downed acrylics and letting each layer dry after application. Another important thing is that when you apply your sealing, it does make a difference on how your pony will look after it dries. When you paint one coat of matte medium she'll be glossy, while two coats will mate it more flat and of course--- just a matte covering.

(Also the bottle lies, make sure you water down your sealing too and paint extremely thin coats on.)

Hoped that helped. <3

I hope that gives you the information you need, let me know if you want anymore tips or pointers.

Also thank you so much for the comment. :'D

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