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Story Telling [Open/Anyone]


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There were defiantly better places then the middle of the desert to be hauling such a large wagon, but Page Turner wasn't complaining. Still, he was envying those on the train that was rushing past. While a portable bookstore bought in good business, a stationary one would certainly be a lot easier run and maintain. It wasn't until the last carriage had flown past that Page finally perked up, remembering just why his business was on wheels. The small town of Appleoosa greeted his tired eyes, giving the rest of his body the serge of energy it needed to travel the final stretch.

It had been quite a while since Page was here last. His stay in Canterlot wound up taking a lot longer then expected, due to an offer to purchase a collection of old spell-books. But he was home, st least what he considered his home. While Appleoosa was hard living, it was pleasant, and some of the most wonderful ponies he know lived there. But there was nothing that could keep Page from traveling and seeing the wonders of the world, so he hadn't bothered purchasing any sort of land.

The wagon slowly creaked through town, its owner waving at the occasional pony. Rounding a corner, Page finally found himself at the far end of town, his favorite spot sitting vacant. The stallion’s grin widened as he parked perfectly with years of practice. He sat down for a bit without even unhitching, enjoying the brief moment of rest. Nothing had changed since last time. His view of the untouched dessert was still as beautiful as ever, the light drone of ponies in the town going about their business, and the terrible heat of the afternoon sun beating on his back. Everything was perfect. With a contented sigh, Page slipped out of the harness and trotted to the back of the wagon. After a quick check to verify that everything was in order, he lockup up the wagon and began heading to the town center. His hooves were killing him, but he just wanted to make sure with the Sheriff that he could still stay here and set up shop for a little while. Then he was getting something from the tavern. Something much stronger then apple juice was called for.

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