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Kite's Adventure Log


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Welcome! The following topic is a work in progress! Below, you'll find the adventure logs of Kite, organised chronologically within board cannon. A synopsis of important events will be noted in the spoilers below the title.

Kite's Adventure thus far...

[Canterlot] Running Start [FIC] - Coming Soon

Detailing some of Kite's earlier years, the story explores Kite's family, her attempts at getting accepted into knight school, and her earning her cutie mark, leading up to her stealing the suit of armor and running from home.

- Kite is introduced

- Kite's family is introduced

- The Knight Entrance Exam is failed

- Kite earns her Cutie Mark

- The Knight Entrance Exam is failed 3 more times.

- Kite steals the suit of armor

- Kite runs away from home

[Ponyville] Ponyville Downpour [Hiatus]

Kite arrives in Ponyville in the midst of a large storm, and encounters Neon Pop and Alejandro. After a startling introduction, Neon Pop invites the knight to lunch at Honey's Sweet Honey, where Honeycomb and Jebediah Crockett are met.

- Arrives in Ponyville

- Meets Neon Pop and Alejandro

- Meets Honeycomb

- Meets Jebediah Crockett (They have not spoken)

[Ponyville] The Dismal Dull Day [Hiatus]

While patrolling for trouble on a particularly cold day, Kite is invited indoors by Quicklime, who is desperate for company.

- Meets Quicklime

- Meets Danton

[Ponyville] Shocking Events [Ongoing]

Returning to her camp just outside of Ponyville, Kite encounters Brazil Nut and Paradise Nut. Paradise is taking Brazil on a dangerous stunt of flying through thunderclouds, and Kite intervenes to try and keep both ponies safe from the storm.

- Meets Paradise Nut

- Meets Brazil Nut

[Everfree Forest] A Not-So-Ursa-Minor Encounter [Chat RP]

Travelling deep into the Everfree forest in search of a pony's missing doll, Kite retrieves the doll, but is attacked by an Ursa Minor. She survives the encounter thanks to her armor, but is left wandering the forest, gravely injured. The knight is promptly found by Rue and Mirthbane, who rescue her, despite their apparent disapproval of her career choice. After discussing and debating Kite's desire to become a knight, the nature of the Destriers, and her status as a runaway and thief, the ponies part ways on good terms. While Mirthbane seemed indifferent on the matter, Rue seemed to accept Kite's choice to become a knight, hoping she'd change the Destriers for the better and not be turned into another jerk knight, while Kite left with a borrowed copy of "Robin Hooves", and many thoughts to consider regarding her future and general self worth.

- Injured by Ursa Minor

- Meets Rue

- Meets Mirthbane

- Borrows "Robin Hooves" from Rue

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