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[Trottingham] Going Nuts [Open, PM for invite]


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Cracker Nut


It was s a cold morning over the Acorn farm. Cracker Nut had just woken up and was getting ready for the day's work. It was the last harvest of the season and the Acorn Nut Family needed to get all the Acorn stored in the barns before the snow fell. Pegasus Ponies could already be seen gathering snow clouds in the distance.

The first thing Cracker does is grab his mallet and his pouch of assorted nuts, which is relatively getting low on nuts. He realizes that he is already late as he notices his older brother, Acorn Seed, bucking away at few Oak trees and at the same time, yelling a few orders to the other pony helpers immediately near him. He would get swatted again for being late so he rushed out of the house and went straight to his designated portion of the field. Unlike what most Ponies would do, he rarely bucked a tree. Instead he would use his mallet to do the job. Holding it with both his front hooves, he would stand on his hind legs and take a swing at the Oak Tree. This usually proved effective since he was able to exert more power into the mallet as he swung. This in turn would make more Acorn fall to the ground. This was especially effective for the larger Oak Trees, where bucking alone would impossible for a single Pony. Usually, two or three other Ponies would simultaneously buck at the Oak in order for the Acorn to fall. But with his mallet, he could easily do the work of two Ponies.

The hours pass by until midday hits. The work progresses smoothly but due to the rush of things, Cracker manages to damage his wooden mallet. Having looked at the damage, it appeared that a crack started to form at the base of the neck where the mallet was connected to the handle. From experience, he knew that it was time for replacement. It was time for a visit into town and this excited him as he hadn't been to town for at least a few weeks. Making sure that he would make the best of his business into town, he takes enough bits with him and heads off.

"Lemme see..." He ponders and continues to ramble to himself. "I'm gonna need more nuts! I wonder if I can get one of those Oak Mallets as well, I'm not sure I brought enough bits. Oh I wonder if the bakery has a fresh batch of Acorn Cake!"

In no time at all he reaches the center of town. At this time of the year, Trottingham turned into a quiet town since most of the tourists only came during the hot summer months. There were a few establishments open and that meant that there were few Ponies around as well. Plus, the cold had started to settle in. Ponies preferred to stay at home near their fireplaces in the cold winter months.

"Hmmmm... What should I get first?" He asks himself while looking at the few open establishments. "Of course, silly me! I need a new mallet!"

Cracker manages to find the local tools shop and secures a new Oakwood Mallet. The owner suggested that the only wood that could stand a beating from Oak Trees was Oakwood itself. Plus he got a good bargain out of it as he tools shop had a year end sale going on. Satisfied with his purchase, he decides to stay a while, looking around and checking the other remaining shops, if they had year end sales as well. The excitement made Cracker's urge for cracking a nuts build up. And like he always did, he took out a few assorted nuts from his pouch and cracked the heck out of them with his front hooves. With the urge quelled he continued to do a little window shopping without noticing the time passing by.

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Turns had been working like crazy on his music lately. All of his energy spent putting together new mixes and even trying to make music like Octavia though he had limited success because he was not as inclined with music as she was.

His manager was worried about him, as well intentioned as he was, turns thought that he was fine. Nevertheless, his manager sent him to the town of Trottingham. .

It was a pleasant town; turns hadn’t been there very long. He had stumbled upon a couple groups of ponies but hadn’t been brave enough to try and spur a conversation with them. He stumbled around the streets looking for something to do, his restless mind not allowing him to rest he longed for his turntables, to be able to play music in front of a large crowd. On the other hand he wouldn’t mind being alone for a little while. While he had a hard time admitting it he was a little bit fatigued.

“Well at least the town is pretty, this is a good start.” Turns told himself as he walked through the snow covered streets.

As he continued he spotted another stallion moving from store to store and decided that it would be a good idea to try and get somepomy to talk to. “Hello, my name is Turn Tables, this sure is a lovely town you got here.”

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Midday found Brick wandering the streets of Trottingham, searching for a bookstore at leisurely pace. Truth be told his plan was to take a breather for a day or two, a vacation from his vacation. A grueling breakneck paced trip that has brought the builder pony to the seats of the Colosseum at Roam, the spectacular landscapes (and food) of Germaney, and even a bit of adventure on the Delamare river that involved river pirates and flaming cobbler cannons. He found out the hard way that when somepony says trust me, don't.

Still the he had arrived safely enough and still had enough bits to make his way back home. Probably.

A sign that announced a store called the 'Grapes and Kites' caught Bricks eye. Kites were interesting and he did like grapes, but would he trust his luck to a store that contained both? Was it wise to sell fruit and cloth toys together? Why sell fruit and kites together in the first place? Questions started to fill his mind but were swept away from a voice that came from beside him. “Hello, my name is Turn Tables, this sure is a lovely town you got here.”

Brick let out a rumbly chuckle before speaking in his slightly accented voice "It's a right nice town, but 'fraid I'm all the way from Hoofington," A grin slowly made it's way across the builder pony's face. "Guess ye don't have a tour guide on the go, not quiet lost but ye not quite found? Same boat in that storm, name's Brick."

Brick held up his hoof in a greeting gesture.

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Caught up in the excitement, Cracker runs through the street among the shops. It felt really good to run like this since he hadn't been away from the farm for a while. He didn't worry about his brother Acorn too much since he knew that most of the work had been done in the past days and they were just harvesting the last of the Acorn for this season.

Deep in thought and excitement, Cracker continues to run along the street. However, as he takes a turn at a blind corner he narrowly misses two Ponies talking on the street. He however failed to look front so he hits an empty cart. All the nuts from his pouch scatter around and his newly bought Wooden Mallet flings to one side of the street almost hitting the window of a bakeshop. He manages to get up and gets his Wooden Mallet. His nuts however were another issue. They were being walked on over by the passerby and some have rolled into the gutters. He tried to gather the few nuts that he could back into his pouch and at the same time, started apologizing to the passerby.

He approached the two Ponies that he narrowly missed and was all hysterical.

"Omigosh!" He approached as he flailed his hooves. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you guys there! I almost hit you two! Are ya alright? I didn't startle the both of ya did I?"

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