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Ooooo, what fanimation? I want to get involved in fanimation projects doing VA work!

Here are some of mine:

Apple Bloom - It's alright, only have a couple short lines.


Applejack - Fairly well.


Fluttershy - I would say pretty close.


Gilda - Maybe I could work on it.


Rainbow Dash - Eeeenope.


Scootaloo - I would say pretty close.


Spike - Meh.


Sweetie Belle - Gotta work on her. Her voice may have changed some with Season 2. Also, I'm not six.


Trixie - I would say pretty close.


Twilight Sparkle - Eh, not so good.


Chris - From Sonic X. My voice sounds too girly at times.


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No, I usually have to go through a lot of different forms of intonation, inflection, accentuation, pitch, speed, etc...

I honestly didn't have much time to work on these four voices [about two hours], so they're most certainly not my best.

Two hours on each? That seems like a lot, but it's not like you have to warm up for that long for each voice, right?

I guess my real question was, did you take any formal classes or anything like that?

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