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Intrest check. The Bolt family.


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So, we have all heard of the Nut family right? If not heres a link and go have a look at the madness that is the Nut family.

But thats not why your here, I was thinking, why not start another family? The Bolt family to be more precise. There are a few ponies who already share the name Bolt. Something that is common between them is that the first part of their name represents the colour of the ponies coat.

So for instance a golden pony will be called Golden Bolt. Or if a green pony; Green Bolt or Lime Bolt.

The catch is, that the Bolt family is made up of pegasus ponies, although if you are a non-pegasus marrying into the family, it is deemed acceptable.

All in all this is an intrest check, I want to know if you people would be interested in being part of a family such as this.

Let me know what you think! I'm always excited to see things from another persons point of view.

-Golden Bolt

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Well, the topic was made by a member who hasn't been put in the Roleplayer group yet. They couldn't have posted this topic in this section even had they wanted to. :blush:

On topic, I have a very minor supporting OC in a story of mine with Bolt in his name, but I have no plans to apply for him at the moment. If I ever do, he could be part of this family though (is a pegasus).

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