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You’re just mad ‘cuz you got beaten by a girl!

Name: Meadowhawk. Also answers to “Birdy” and “Hawk.”

Sex: Female

Age: Young mare

Species: Pegasus

Coat Color: Tyrian (#66023C). Pinion feathers are rose (#FF007F).

Mane/Tail Color & Style: The same rose color as her pinions with a single streak of alabaster white in her forelock and tail. Mane and tail are trimmed to Wonderbolt regulation, but only just. Meadowhawk feels that neatening up is pointless, as most performances and training exercises destroy any semblance of styling in minutes.

Eye Color: Olive

Cutie Mark: Dragonfly silhouette in rose, representing her agility on wing.

Physique: Thin and limber, trained for agility and speed.

Origin: Grew up in Fillydelphia. Currently in Cloudsdale training with the Wonderbolts.

Occupation: Wonderbolt trainee, on the “B” squad.

Motivation: Make it into the “A” squad for the next generation of Wonderbolts!

Likes: Flying fast, aerobatics tricks, learning by doing, figuring things out, getting her hooves dirty, Stallianoya vodka, contact sports

Dislikes: Formal events and attire, being indoors for too long, being smothered or controlled, book-learning, hangovers, being called dumb or stupid, traditional authority, snooty and entitled ponies.

Character History

Tomboy. Misfit. Prodigy. Meadowhawk has been called many things, but she rarely applies the labels herself. Born of a unicorn cart wright and a pegasus school teacher, Meadowhawk was always getting into things. Despite her mother’s profession, Hawk very much preferred doing things her father’s way: with sweat, grease, and old-fashioned hoof-work.

Even as a filly, she was never afraid to get her hooves dirty and never shied away from a challenge, whether it was a test of wits or a test of strength and agility. In fact, her cutie mark was earned through a rather childish dare of an aerial slalom through a local ravine infested with quarry eels. Though the specifics of the tale become more muddled with each telling, Hawk still laughs fondly at it and is proud of her agility and self-proclaimed fortitude. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, however, she never cared for books, schooling, or memorization of what she saw as useless facts and figures.

Few childhoods come to pass without troubles and Meadowhawk’s was no exception. As capable as she was at practical things and as tough as she was physically, her marks in school were comparatively poor, owing more to a lack of motivation than an inability to grasp the material. As such, the snootier students in the class took to teasing her about it. Arguments and fights broke out and as a result, Hawk did not have a good reputation with her local school’s administration.

Despite her less than stellar academic standing and her rocky relationship with the staff, Meadowhawk still excelled in anything that required hooves on work or prowess on wing. Against all odds, Hawk made herself known to both physical education teachers AND a Wonderbolts recruiter. Though the recruiter did not anticipate fast-tracking her to the first-string team, he did outright say he could not let talent like hers go to waste. Thus, Meadowhawk was accepted into the Wonderbolts, with the caveat that she would remain on the reserve squad until such time that she had proven herself capable of being a first-string performer.

Character Personality

Meadowhawk is very much still a tomboy, never having lost her attitude from school. Above all, she is preeminently practical, rarely concerning herself with the higher ideals and any “fancy mathematics” of a snobby elite. That is not to say that she is willfully ignorant. Hawk loves figuring out what makes things tick, though lately her wrench wench sensibilities have taken a back seat to her physical conditioning and flight training.

Instructors often found Hawk’s aerialist style to be... sloppy. She almost never passed the flight tests the first time through. However, with some practice, she always came through, blazing through the courses flawlessly and occasionally adding flair of her own. Hawk was never one for extensive studying, preferring to trust her instincts, even if it involved making mistakes the first time around. She’s not afraid to mess up and remains optimistic in spite of her many first-time errors. When it comes to flight, Hawk is confident that she will eventually manage the maneuvers.

In spite of her headstrong nonchalance and her brazen confidence, being called stupid is still a sore spot for Hawk. She still does not get along with traditional authority and is not terribly fond of formal occasions with anypony she assumes to be snooty and entitled. Outside of that scenario however, Hawk is very easy to get along with and is more than willing to share a coffee or head out for a quick flight.


Art courtesy of the talented Brian Blackberry!

Edited by Diomedes
Added character art.
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I would be curious to know how her anti-authoritarian attitude and nonchalance affects how she performs with the Wonderbolt and the chances to ever "move up". That is my main concern. My only other is what she feels we wants to do if/when she leaves the Wonderbolts. However I feel both of those can be addressed in the course the RP and don't need to be addressed in detail in the app at all.

For Great Justice :D


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