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Pleased so far. Song was really good. Not Art of the Dress good, but I would never expect that again...

I'm just glad the other ponies showed up now. As much as I like Rarity, it felt kind of wrong having her be the only one of the Mane 6 in the episode.

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Wonderbolts Derby... WONDERBOLTS!

Oh look Photo Finish! oh ya, and a song.

And Blueblood?!

SUDDENLY! Friends! : D

Party cannon is now... canon?

And still nopony cares about the bell colt.

Wait Rarity still didn't fix the lie she told about Rainbow Dash... and any other lies she may have told...

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Rustic/Fancy Pants is now best colt.

Liked that Octavia (and apparently her sister?!), Blueblood(seemingly out of character, since he was next to Rares. Or maybe he got better?) and Photo Finish made re-appearances, but where is Hoity Toity?! He's my favorite of the 3 fashion ponies of S1.

Needs more views before proper judgement...also, dat song.

Oh, one disappointment is that Luna didn't make a cameo. Come on! This was THE perfect opportunity!

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What did I think?


The music! The subtle humor! The genius writing and script.

And, of course, Pinkie's Party Cannon, :lol:

In general, wonderful rebound from last week's! Couldn't have asked for a better episode! Might be my favorite episode of Season 2 now!

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Okay, two for two with the Rarity episodes this season, I think. So much good stuff here: Celestia, new ponies, song, party cannon, lots of other fun moments. It's good when its just about Rarity, but once her friends arrive the episode just gets even more fun.

Rarity is the star of season 2 so far, as far as I'm concerned. She's just thoroughly amusing.

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Heh. I really loved the song this second time hearing it. Rarity's singer should really be commended for, I think, a great vocal there.

And the montage that accompanies it is just great too. I missed so much of that first time around. ;)

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