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I had this INSANE dream last night.


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It was a sunny day, and I was having a picnic with my brothers.

When all of a sudden, random sounds in the bushes were heard. All of

us were too scared to look. So we waited it out, and it stopped.

For a second, we thought it was a squirrel, or a chipmunk, but no.

it was something way worse. A zombie. So, we jumped up, and ran for a

little while. Then we came across a big bunker type thing. It was enormous.

It was made of metal, and it was a light blue, teal like color. And there

was a shield, not like a knights shield, but a small wall. On it was a small

turret. Not full of bullets, but spider like creatures from Half Life.

I began shooting. But the zombies got too close, so we ran for a door. It was

to the right of the entrance, but in the all the way back. So, we made for

the wooden door. We made it, and then locked it when we were all inside.

We all went towards the corner where we'd thought we would be safe. And

we were wrong, the door busted down with ease. The spiders were on there

side, and they came after us. THey were heading towards us. And not a

moment too soon. We found a door. We ran in, and not noticing it. One of

us hit a button. We launched. When we landed we were in a station. It was

kinda cool. We were messing around and I jumped through a window trying

to get home. And landed on a moving platform. I looked, and the station

began to fall. So I was panicing. My brothers were still inside. So I

waited for the platform to move to an opening. I found an opening, so I

jumped as far as I could. Landing in the building. I began running through

the hallways. When all of a sudden, the station began falling faster. So I

ran as fast as I can. When I thought of what would happen if the station

fell, I ran even faster, when out of nowhere. I jumped, and transformed

into a Shining steed. A white horse with a flowing mane made of pure

sunlight. I ran at 40 MPH. Every time my tail would whip, a huge flash,

almost like lightning would appear. I then found the exit after grabbing

my brothers and then I jumped out the window. After jumping. I landed on the platform again. Then it carried

me and my brothers to safety. Then, after all this had happened. I woke up.

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Okay, all that sounded pretty cool, like it could actually be a short story or something, right up until the part where you turn into a horse. Then I agree, it's a pretty crazy dream.

On the topic of crazy dreams, I punched out a blue minotaur. I don't remember the context, all I know is that it ended in me punching it in it's face/snout and it falling over, then me and a friend of mine running, screaming "RUN THE F*** AWAY!"

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I spent WAY too much time last night working on a Fanfic while listening to the late George Carlin. (absolutely brilliant man, EVERYONE should listen to his work, though keep in mind it's PG-13)

Anyway one of his rants was about people wanting to sound important, specifically weathermen, for example they'd talk about "Shower Activity" instead of just "showers" and one line I lived was "And I swear to god, one of them even mentioned a 'Rain Event!'"

That line followed me to bed. I dreamed I was helping the weather team (as a Pegasus - honestly I think I was Rainbow Dash but I cant be sure) moving clouds around in prepreation for a "Rain Event" which apparently is a major thing in my dream-equestria... and for unexplained reasons I was wearing a Weather Team Vest (from Winter Wrap-Up)

Fun dream, but still, more than a little weird...

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