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Matte Sparkle [FINAL]


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Roleplay Type: Mane RP

Name: Matte Sparkle

Sex: Female

Age: Foal

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Azure blue with three triangle shaped freckles under her eyes, covered with large round black glasses.

Coat Color: Light purple

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: A big fluffy and frizzed tail along with a out-of-place long flat mane, both colored a deep navy blue.

Physique: Normal sized for her age. Nothing quite out of the ordinary. Wears two rings on her back left leg and front right leg.

Cutie Mark: Unfortunately, she hasn't gotten her cutie mark yet.

Origin/Residence: She was born and raised in Hoofington.

Occupation: Is currently a student in a school located in Hoofington, but studies to be an assistant at an art gallery know as the known as 'The Hoofington Galleria of Fine Art' or simply 'The Hoofington' located in (obviously), Hoofington.

Motivation: Matte Sparkle is heavily motivated by her mentor, the official curator of the Hoofington Galleria, whom she is told to call simply 'van Hay.' She has become quite attached to the smells and sights of the works displayed inside of gallery, which she has been visiting ever since she was a small foal.

Likes: carving, modelling, assemblage, printmaking, any kind of visual art!

Dislikes: Performing arts of any kind. Feels that they don't provide adequate ways of self expression.

Character Summary:

Matte Sparkle is quite the character! While she doesn't have any talent to speak of she is quite interested in the visual art form. Matte Sparkle is a studious pony when the occasion rises. In school she in a slacker sitting at the back of the class doodling or day dreaming, even go so far as to sleep. She doesn't have any interest in the subjects taught in school, yet when the bell rings she can be seen rushing over to the The Hoofington Galleria of Fine Arts, where she can find solitude among the numerous painting, sculptures and pieces of art that adorn the large stone building.

HistoryMatte Sparkle was born in the seashore town with the convenience of the suburbs known as Hoofington! While she enjoys the hustle and bustle of the big city she yearns for a quaint and quite place to call her own, which staying at home does not accomplish! Matte Sparkle's early life was spent finding her purpose in life. From an early age she ha been obsessed with gaining her cutie mark and more importantly, something she could do that she would be good at, something that she could strive for, not simply a hobby.

ParentsMatte Sparkle was born to two pegasi, Stardust Sparkle as well as Aurora Boriallis, along with 17 other pegasi, all colts, might I add. Matte Sparkle is the youngest and only female in the family (apart from her mom) which leads to some crazy moments, yet Matte is treated like a goddess. Matte Sparkle's parents are tasked with the a very heavy burden, taking care of 18 children is no easy task. Aside from that, their income comes in the form of two ways: Aurora Boriallis, Matte's father, is the chief weather pony in Hoofington. He takes request as to the type of weather needed in each part of Hoofington as well as other important jobs like commanding the flock of pegasi' who manage the skies above Hoofington.

Stardust Sparkle, Matte's mother, manages the imports and exports of everything that flows in and out of Hoofington. From produce, like apples and oranges, to materials, like wood or stone, she's the mare to see! With the manner of importance Matte Sparkles parent's jobs hold and having to take care of 17 other pegasi', they become quite flustered, not having enough time to care for Matte Sparkle. Nonetheless, they let her know that they love her. Matte Sparkles parents know next to nothing about their only daughter which frustrates them to no end, they have watched her grow up mainly alone, becoming self sufficient in many ways that her parents could not help her with.

At one point in time, Matte Sparkle's parents signed her up for ballet practice. While this didn't go over quite as well as they hoped, it did open up an entirely new world for Matte Sparkle, instead of performing arts, why not visual arts. So, it was thanks to her parents that she has become so interested in visual arts an also their fault she has closed off the world of performing arts, making her world of the arts only fixated on one type/form.

FlawsMatte Sparkle is a very stubborn pony! Due to her self sufficiency, she feels that she doesn't have to rely on anypony and that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. This causes her to disregard help from anypony even in the most dire of situations. This usually leads her plenty of trouble in the grand scheme of things. To add to her personality, Matte Sparkle is quite confused when it comes to herself. She's not quite sure what she wants and spend most of her time in her thoughts, which has made her a very antisocial pony. She dislikes the company of other and hates it when her older brothers interrupt the very rare moments of solitude she gets at home. This sometimes makes her come off as a mean foal, when in truth she only wants a friend whose on the same intellect level as herself. Yet, she has a hard time relaying this 'requirement' to otherponies.


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Oh gosh!! Yes, yes yes!! I want to keep it going!! Sorry, had alot on my plate these last couple of weeks >.<

I remember that Ponyville is overpopulated, but would something happen if I were to place my character Ponyville?

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Not in particular... but is there a certain reason your character needs to live in Ponyville? Remember that no matter where your character lives, they can travel anywhere they want, whenever they want.

Ah, but I see your Application is for Crossovers! No problem then, your pony can totally live in Ponyville. :)

(The "housing crisis" is only for Mane RP.)

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Ah, okay! The only reason she would be based in Ponyville is because that's the area I'm most familiar with (aren't we all). It actually has a lot of areas which Matte Sparkle likes to paint. Although there are probably similar areas like it elsewhere, I just prefer pony. She also has a past in Ponyville, but I'll explain in the Application ^_^

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