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No matter how dark the night or how cold the winter, there is always hope. I want to be that hope to anypony who makes their home here.

Name: Command Sergeant Major Novaya

Sex: Female

Age: Mare in her prime

Species: Unicorn

Coat Color: Pink (#E10586)

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Purple (#521AD1) and Teal (#0F89CA) in alternating streaks. Mane is mid-length, tied back in a bun and tucked under a ushanka when on duty, though she usually lets it run rampant when off duty.

Eye Color: Auric (#F1CB17)

Distinguishing Marks: Two titanium earrings in her left ear. Removed for duty. Usually carries a small, wooden, bird charm tied to her topcoat or load-bearing gear.

Cutie Mark: A silhouette of a blue gentian flower in blue overlaid on an 8-pointed star in purple, representing her toughness and tenacity but also her appreciation for beauty and growth in adverse conditions.

Physique: Curvy, but fit. Tough and strong from military training.

Origin: Stalliongrad, Chenya District.

Occupation: Senior enlisted mare, Command Sergeant Major in Gamma Squadron ISU-143

Roleplay Type: Mane RP

Motivation: Keep the skies and the streets clear of pirates and criminal scum. Make a difference in the world.

Likes: A job well-done, straightforwardness, Stallianoya, beets, pumpkins, woodcarving, the beauty of the Frontier, the military life

Dislikes: Pirates, interrupted leave, excessive bureaucracy, dishonesty or shadiness, bugs, desk work, peppermint, egotism, entitled ponies

Character History

Novaya is the product of three generations in the military, the only child of a Guard NCO and a Chenya schoolteacher. Her upbringing was multifaceted, often seeing the city streets with her mother but also going into the wilderness with her father when he returned home on leave. From her mother, she learned to understand her charges before making judgments and from her father, she learned to stand strong in the face of adversity-- be it the worst that nature had to throw at her or the darker side of Equestria rearing its ugly head.

A young Novaya often talked with her father about cases he had dealt with during their wilderness treks. Novaya was infuriated by the depths that some ponies could sink to, but at the same time heartened by the hopeful endings that her father delivered. Even in the darkest of times, there was hope. Her father’s dedication to ensuring that the ponies under his command and under his jurisdiction had hope left an indelible impression on her that she carries to this day.

An uneventful childhood ended with Novaya following the family tradition and joining the Stallian Guard, eventually being assigned to 5th Battalion. With 5th Battalion, Novaya endured both patrol work in the streets of Stalliongrad and airship rotations patrolling the frontier. Her years in the service were merely routine; her dedication and work ethic allowing her to slowly climb the enlisted ranks. Eventually she was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant, a promotion that came with a letter authorizing her transfer to ISU-143.

Going by the local name Molot, ISU-143 has a fierce reputation as the fighting elite of Stalliongrad’s guard forces. Translating roughly to “sledgehammer” in common, the name is highly appropriate for a guard detachment that spends much of its time searching airships, apprehending criminals, and seizing contraband. Their no-nonsense approach to their mission and the dynamic nature of their operations suited Novaya perfectly. She has dedicated her life to the “One-Four-Three,” always holding in her heart the desire to make a difference.

Novaya’s shining moment with Molot came during Operation Storm Hammer, an anti-piracy operation centered around taking down the sky pirate known only as Skopa--the Osprey. The operation was meant to both apprehend Skopa and send a clear message to any would-be pirates that Stalliongrad would not be a haven for criminals. The mission was successful; the joint task force successfully defeated Skopa, capturing the pirate crew and mothership. Upon their return to Stalliongrad, Novaya and Fletcher, then the leader of the I Order boarding party, were hailed as heroes.

Since Storm Hammer, Novaya has been promoted to Command Sergeant Sergeant Major and is the senior enlisted mare in her ISU squadron. She continues to serve Stalliongrad with the 143 and train incoming VSS recruits at Stabil Krasnyi during garrison rotations.


Novaya is first and foremost straightforward. Her bluntness and unwillingness to equivocate makes her an ideal NCO, but virtually excludes her from ever switching to officer track. Still, she has the respect of her command and the confidence of her KOG superiors due to her skill, tenacity, and the firm trust her charges put in her. When she is rotated back to Stabil Krasnyi to train incoming recruits, it is not uncommon to hear “Tetushka Novaya” uttered among the enlisted stallions-- Auntie Novaya.

While she is far too attached to her city to be a true survivalist outdoorsmare, Novaya is able to hold her own in a survival situation. The lessons taught to her by her father during her fillyhood were not lost on her. On occasion she still makes treks into Vysokii district, camping on the peak of the Gor Zarya, where she can watch over her city from afar.

Novaya treats those under her command as alternately her best friends and her finest students. Off-duty, she is loud, boisterous, and talkative, always enjoying carousing at bars or in the break room. On-duty, she is relaxed but far from lackadaisical, not always adhering to SOP, but always keeping the mission in mind. Novaya is not a micromanager. She trusts her command to accomplish the mission, even if it is not always done by the book.

Novaya does not deal well with entitled high-society ponies, finding their “proper” mannerisms, sycophant tendencies, and obtuse focus on things she deems unimportant greatly irritating. After a life of being strong, self-sufficient, independent mare, Novaya feels insulted by the “upper-crust” ladies who make their living pandering to their patrons. By extension, Novaya is also wary of military bureaucrats high up the chain, as she does not trust them to fully understand the situations that the field forces encounter on patrol while they remain cozy in their heated offices. Special Forces (ISU) commanders are excepted, as Novaya sees them as already having proven themselves through service.

Despite her reluctance to weave tangled social webs, Novaya has a complex relationship with Captain Fletcher of the Honor Guard. They grew close during their service together during Operation Storm Hammer and have kept contact on and off since Cadenza’s departure. Novaya finds Fletcher’s opacity insufferable at times. Likewise, Fletcher finds Novaya’s forthright manner and bluntness abrasive, especially after his transfer to V Order. Still, it is apparent that each cares deeply for the other, even if they have very convoluted ways of showing it.

Novaya carves small wooden sculptures in her spare time, most of them being avian-themed.


Combat Spells

Brightlance. Precise, short-ranged, high-intensity luminous burst of aether that can sunder armor and burn targets. Can be tuned for less-lethal effects such as blinding or stunning. Novaya’s signature spell.

Animate Drone. Imbues one of Novaya’s carvings with minor animus, giving it flight and allowing Novaya to see through its “eyes” for a short time.

Utility Spells

Light. Basic unicorn illumination spell.

Telekinesis. Basic unicorn “mage hand” for fine manipulation of objects.

First Aid. Basic triage spell taught in Magus training. Can be used to clean wounds, disinfect minor cuts and scratches, and stop bleeding. However, serious injuries such as broken bones and blood loss still need to be treated by a medical expert.

Slow fall. Utility spell taught to all unicorns who serve in airborne units. Allows the user to generate a cushion of aether that greatly reduces the chances of a fall from height becoming lethal.

Skill Set

Wilderness Survival. Having been on patrol with 10th Battalion during their pirate-hunting operations, the chances of being shot down or stranded with a crippled airship are on every service-mare’s mind. Thus, wilderness survival in the harsh and bitter country outside Stalliongrad city limits is a critical skill.

Command. While not on officer track by profession, Novaya is friendly and receptive and has a talent for getting her troops to trust her.

VBSS. Part of ISU-143’s job is visit, board, search, and seizure operations on airships, which often involve maneuvering, inspecting, and sometimes fighting, in confined spaces and over short distances.

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This is not intended to be a crossover application. Operations Command: Frontier was not intended as a reference to Coalition of Ordered Governments, merely a Russian translation, seeing as Stalliongrad is Slavic-themed. You can find the documentation for the Royal Equestrian Army and the Stalliongrad Guard in my sig, though both are due to receive extensive cleanup soon.

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Well as usual the character has a deep and rich history; my only concern being although we see so many of her strengths, I don't think we see any weaknesses or flaws, at least to a significant degree (the couple mentioned: bluntness and unwillingness to equivocate, is presented as assets to her job as NCO). Of course I don't mean any sort of emo or wrecked character, just a little more rounded from all the positives in her personality and abilities.

Also may want to check on the mortally wounding of the Osprey. Personally I am fine with it, but I am not entirely sure its alright, so gotta ask Mane on that one.

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I understand. I've tweaked the story about Storm Hammer to be a bit cleaner. Any specifics about Storm Hammer can be revealed in further RP or fanfiction. Additional paragraph added to personality description to expound on some of the dislikes noted in the appropriate field.

Thanks for the feedback, Brian.

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