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Why HELLO their everypony!


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About myself.: I'm a very big fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I play Magic The Gathering

I live in the USA

How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: I searched up MLP Role Play on google and up popped this!

How did you became a fan of FiM?: I saw episode one, and became hooked!

My one favourite main cast pony?: Rainbow Dash

Hello everypony! I'm Discord. And I'll take over the world in CHAOS! (Or... just appreciate being out of stone.)

I became a fan of My Little Pony by watching the first episode. It was so cute and soft, that I had to watch more. It was so different from the rest of the violence in the other shows and games, I just fell in love.

And yes, I'm a guy.

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I'm MyLittlePonyTales, but I just go by Tales around here. I'm one of the many great staff here at Canterlot.com. Please feel free to message any of us with any questions or concerns you have, or you can just leave another comment here!

If you didn't already, please take a moment to check out the rules section, just so that you're up to speed! :RDash: You'll also need to make at least 3 comments anywhere in the Introductions section before you can post on other parts of the site.

There's hopefully something for everypony around here! If you're looking to meet new Bronies, a good place to do that is the Chat Room & live roleplay. The Creativity section is the place for artists, musicians, and writers! Oh, and what kind of forum would this be without the MLP Discussion area, hmm?

If you're looking to Roleplay, check the Canterlot RP Rules and the Applicaton Form. Unless you're going for the FiM Free-For-All section, then you don't need either of those things! :D But if you're going for Equestria Crossovers RP, you just need the Application Form, then you can make your crazy cool pony! The Equestria Mane RP, which is a really cool Roleplay area, requires you to read both the Canterlot RP Rules and the Applicaton Form.

Wow, that's a lot of links! :o Feel free to explore the site yourself at your own pace, and let myself or one of the other staff know if you have any questions.

Welcome to Canterlot!

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Guest ElementOfLaughter

I like this guy!!!


Welcome!!! :D

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Also, hi Discord! Have you met Devious yet? His name is almost like yours and you both have great avatars, so I mean you should be friends already... Welcome to Canterlot, have a Colgate!

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Welcome to canterlot. you'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure you'll find everypony to be very nice here and don't hesitate to ask for help with anything! as others may have, or will say there is an irc in the top right. it's the most active i've ever been on and suggest going there.

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