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This is the official thread for information and chatting about the twelfth episode of Season Two - "Family Appreciation Day"! So come join the conversation! The thread will open up five minutes before the episode airs (8:55am Central/9:55am Eastern). Remember though, there are spoilers in the comments section so read at your own risk if you haven't seen the episode! :blah:

Also, the channel #Spoilers has been opened on the chat (Type /join #Spoilers when in the chat to join it) for live discussion! Don't ruin it for everyone else!


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Filthy Rich! COOL NEW PONY!!

Leave it to Diamond Tiara toget under AppleBloom's skin!

Granny's got false teeth!

Granny calls her 'Half Pint!" WHOA!

No WONDER she's so embarrassed!

OH this is going to be SO GOOD!!!


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I am SO LOVING this episode!!!!


What a turn of events!

Granny Smith's coming for Family Appreciation Day!

Hay! Where's Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle?

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LOL The old 'sick' routine!

Didn't work! LOL

So THAT'S why they're called 'Zap' apples!

OMG! Puppet Granny Smith!!!


And Granny didn't even notice anything wrong! THIS IS PRICELESS!!!!

And THEN Applebloom tries to send her away, BUT she comes back!!!!!


This could be THE best ep of Season 2!!!!!!!!

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I thought the episode sort of dragged...then the last ten minutes happened. Oh my Celestia that lecture was cool. Any sort of history is good history, so now "That's how Ponyville was made!" The last few minutes made me cry.

I missed Derpy though -- they hid her pretty good this time. I know she was probably in one of the crowd scenes...maybe. Did anyone catch her?

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I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it turned out alright. Probably my favorite Apple Bloom episode.

Lots of fun things. Granny Smith's little history lesson was the highlight. That was done really well and had some cool history. Timber wolves look awesome. And young Granny Smith was cute.

Diamond Tiara's father was perfect. Makes total sense.

Cheerilee was really amusing in this episode. She made me laugh.

We pretty much have confirmation here that Applebloom has no parents around. Granny Smith was the only alternative to her siblings.

The lack of an ending letter was interesting. I suppose the writers decided the lesson of the episode stood out fine as it was.

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