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A Humble Request to Any Artist Feeling Generous

Guest RarityUnderground

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Guest RarityUnderground

Hello everypony! As I see so many most generous ponies around the site lending their talents to the less... ahem visually-artistically capable, I've come to ask anypony with free time if they might be willing to craft an avatar for me. While I do enjoy my current image, it's simply cropped from someone else's work and I don't feel it's quite as defining as it could be. I don't have any concrete ideas, which means more artistic freedom should anypony respond, but I do like something in the vein of the Beatnik/Art Show Rarity from Sweet and Elite. Maybe a turtleneck, scarf, and a still-graceful yet more subdued hairstyle than her usual coiffure. These are honestly just ramblings, thank you to anypony to considers this :Rarity:

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