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This is the official thread for information and chatting about the sixteenth episode of Season Two - "Read It And Weep"! So come join the conversation! The thread will open up five minutes before the episode airs (8:55am Central/9:55am Eastern). Remember though, there are spoilers in the comments section so read at your own risk if you haven't seen the episode! :blah:

Also, the channel #Spoilers has been opened on the chat (Type /join #Spoilers when in the chat to join it) for live discussion! Don't ruin it for everyone else!


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That episode was just adorable. Dash's antics were just so much fun. And yeah, I'm right there with Dash on the Daring Do. If she wasn't obviously a fictional character, I'd be writing an RP application.

But yeah, I really enjoyed this one. Probably the best Dash episode so far this season.

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I quite enjoyed this episode. It didn't have as much comedy or impact as the past two, but it was just as good. It was a good episode for RD who is stubborn and won't try something lest she deems it cool.

This was, for me, better than MMDW and MtBPW by far. Granted MtBPW had an amazing song.

But yeah, for being my least favorite mane 6 character, this episode definitely made me dislike her a bit less.

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Definitely a top-tier episode in my book. Hahaha!

I loved Daring Do's look; we got plenty of Rainbow silliness, some new medical ponies, a glimpse inside Rainbow's room, plenty of reactionary face time from the other Mane Five, a lot of over-the-top high adventure, and we got a pretty important take away message: reading is not only awesome, but you can be both athletic and smart. Also, that bit of Spike near the end was hilarious.

Season 2 continues to be amazing.

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ah, I really loved this episode XD lots of amazing dash faces

alligators from the ceiling

Dash's snoring (most amazing thing ever XD)

that board game

that trap

that dog pony

that roommate

those slippers

that bouncy hat

some more stuff...


great episode and such :^D

EDIT: also ninja dash and wheelchair dash.

her legs were bent really weird in that chair XD

I was kicked out of the hospital like that in grade five. it wasn't as exaggerated, but that's pretty much what it was like. they threw me in a wheelchair and left me at the entrance for my mom to come pick me up

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I'll give it a 10/10, someone really needs to make fanfics about Daring Doo soon!

Also, prepare for a swarm of *puts on sunglasses* Reading Rainbow fanart.


I was wondering what the Daring Do villain was supposed to be a reference to. It appears to be most similar to the Ahuizotl.


I know, it's interesting that they used an obscure mythical creature, now just when will we see a kitsune on the series...

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Yeah. I know. Seems kind of slow today for some reason. I was almost the only one commenting as the episode was first playing, and even afterward now there hasn't been a lot of discussion compared to other episodes. :/

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hi hi

That was awesome! I know, I know, its hard to top Last Roundup, but this was still thoroughly enjoyable. I don't know why, but I at some point, Rainbow Dash's dilemma got me a little teary eyed... And then there was all the action and adventure. I was just thinking the other day how we haven't seen an adventure episode in a while. Not since, what, Dragonshy? Stare Master maybe? I love that sort of thing, and so I guess it makes sense that I loved this episode. I kinda want to read that actual series for real... or maybe I'll have to write it myself.

• Also: Every time someone's voice interrupted the story. I thought it would be hard to top Pinkie Pie voicing the big bad guy, but then there was the spider yelling in her ear. :lol:

• Battleship... yeah. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that one. :/

• The part where dash is going stir crazy was really well done too, also: blowing out the light when its a glow bug lamp. :)

• Swinging over the stream with a rope, and having everypony else just run across the bridge.

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'cute' is a good word for the ep, real nice things but not a god-tier


Pinkie Pie as always spewing nonsense :D

ponified 'Battleships'

Metal Gear Sonic

"Im not trying to steal your slippers, im trying to steal this book!" good job RD :lol:

the night chase (HEY! NOPONY INVITED ME :D :D )

and the barking pony totally broke my record for loudest laugh in the history of the show :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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