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Hearts and Hooves Day episode is out early?!

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This is just a continuing friendly reminder not to post any links to episodes on the forums. Any such links will be subject to moderator action. Thanks.

- Dio

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Since iTunes just hired Dərpy, we get the new episode early.

Apparently, iTunes messed up by setting 11 Feb 2011 as the release date for this episode.

Sorry brainblackberry for posting an episode, I'll delete this topic if you tell me to.

Thank you for removing the link. We don't want to encourage people to grab it ahead of time by either embedding it or saying where they can find it; in that way we are joining Equestria Daily and DepyHooves News in respecting Hub/Hasbro in not giving any information on it. I do know that it is easy enough to find (really literally too me less than a minute) so this isn't stopping anyone outside of here on their own, we just do not want to promote it here as we do want the people behind FiM to be on the fan's side.

That being said please do not post any art or story spoilers on this thread, the official episode one (when it is made), or any other thread about the episode until the episode actually airs on the Hub Saturday morning. There are images all over the net now, can't do anything about that, but we rather not have them here until the episode officially airs, thank you.

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