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Thoughts ofg randomness occurred to me on remembering Family Appreciation Day.

In Season One, much is made of Granny Smith's dodgy hip, and she is rarely seen without her walker. In season two, however, she is hopping around like a bunny.

Huh, I thought, continuity failure, or did they just fix it in universe off screen.

Then I realised what had happened and I was in awe. One of the things Discord did when he chaosed Ponyville was fix Granny Smith's hip to allow her to tap dance. Of course, when he was defeated, the Elements of Harmony spread out a big dome of energy that fixed everything. But, Applejack was a part of that power.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, when it came to returning Granny Smith to normal, she balked, and I'm willing to bet none of the other Elements would have gainsayed her. So Granny Smith was left with a fully working set of hind legs, and a lot more energy. Hence the way she acted in Family Appreciation Day.

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That would make sense, or they were able to fix it off screen (which is just as well, can you imagine if they had an episode about her getting hip surgery?)

I think it would be more AJ commenting "Ah'm sorry I caint help, Granny's in th' hosp'tal for surg'ry" or "Ah really need ta sell these apples ta help pay for th' surg're grannys going through today" just a side line that most people wouldnt even notice.

However, I like the idea the OP put forth, if this IS the case I am once again left in awe at the depth the FiM team dives to with the plot (Normally I *would* say it was a continuity error, but given how careful FiM has been so far with continuity - to the point of EVERY episode having at least 1 call-back to an earlier one, even if it's a minor background event- I don't see it being a mistake)

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