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hello there everypony i am a write from fimfiction and i though i would try my hoof at another site besides trottingham

i have written a very amusing story ill post the link at the end it is about a lsot pony with no cutie mark who wakes up in ponyville with amnesia


My OC does not have a cutie mark and by your rules he is nto allowed to be a stallion. Yet he is fully grown and has many other details about him figured out includign a multi chapter story. Therefor i request that you change that rule or make an exception i Linked my story so you know im not bluffing

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I'm MyLittlePonyTales, but I just go by Tales around here. I'm one of the many great staff here at Canterlot.com. Please feel free to message any of us with any questions or concerns you have, or you can just leave another comment here!

If you didn't already, please take a moment to check out the Rules section, just so that you're up to speed! :RDash: You'll also need to make at least 3 comments anywhere in the Introductions section before you can post on other parts of the site.

There's hopefully something for everypony around here! If you're looking to meet new Bronies, a good place to do that is the Chat Room & live roleplay. The Creativity section is the place for artists, musicians, and writers! Oh, and what kind of forum would this be without the MLP Discussion area, hmm?

If you're looking to Roleplay, check the RolePlaying Rules and the Application Form. Unless you're going for the FiM Free-For-All section, then you don't need either of those things! :D The Equestria Mane RP, which is a really cool Roleplay area, requires you to read both the RolePlaying Rules and the Application Form.

Wow, that's a lot of links! :o Feel free to explore the site yourself at your own pace, and let myself or one of the other staff know if you have any questions. Oh, and how did you hear about our site?

Welcome to Canterlot!

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Oh, if you're an FiMFiction writer, there is a Canterlot.com group here: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=group&group=278

As for your character being a Stallion without a Cutie Mark... we have made that exception a couple of times in the past, but it is VERY RARE and requires super good reasoning. I mean, if you've got a good explanation, post an Application. :) I'm not saying the answer will be a definite yes, but if you're confident, things should be okay.

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Welcome to Canterlot! I'm sure you're looking forward to take part in all that we have to offer here. Tales has certainly posted several of the important links you will find very useful, as well as the locations of some of our most prominent areas. So my parroting her comments there certainly won't serve you any use. However, I would expect that you might have poked around the forum a bit already, so I hope you're finding it very comfortable and easy to use as it is!

However, I'm sorry that I'm going to have to disappoint you here. For the Mane RP, we've taken a lot of time and effort to establish the rules and lore as we have in order to make it as compatible with the way Equestria is presented in Friendship Is Magic as the TV show is. We've made some exceptions and some modifications in order to better diversify the world, but we still very strongly try to keep to what makes the world work in the show. As such, we won't be changing any rules or making any exceptions simply for one character alone - that wouldn't be fair to the hundreds of other people out there who have or who would have wanted us to do the very same thing. If we had, we wouldn't have the nicely structured roleplay that we have right now!

Yet, you can still play your character. We have two areas, a Free For All and a Crossover area. The Crossover Area is much like the Mane Roleplay area except that it doesn't have to adhere to the rules as the Mane RP area does. It's much more free. If you wanted to, you could play Discord's son in the Crossover area, that's what it's there for. But for the Mane RP, our rules are the way they are for very good reasons. I'm sorry to disappoint. :(

But whichever you choose, either by tailoring your OC (I even had to tailor my own, and that's no small feat!) to fit with the mane roleplay as we've established the rules and guides for it, or by coming up with a new OC specifically for that area, you'll likely find that the rules still allow a large amount of flexibility.

I hope you find your own place here!

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so skye if i can find a stallion in the show without a cutie mark and a full grown face would that qualify my oc to meet the standereds of you guys tryign to match the show?

The answer will still be no.

Please feel free to RP your made-up characters in the Free-for-all RP sections, though.

May I remind you that we are providing a community for FREE.

Respect for our rules and requests would be appreciated.


- Admin

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