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Hello, my fellow pretties


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About myself.: I am luxmactrey, or you can call me Mimo be nickname. My hobbies included going in forums, on reddit, doing pony art, painting on canvases, figuring a way to open our window playing soccer, and designing ocs.

How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: Looking for new RPs online, well... RPs specifically about MLP:FiM. I've tried other MLP sites, but I heard that Canterlot.co was good.

How did you became a fan of FiM?: I stumbled across this video; /language and other content may not be appropiate for younger audiences/ [media]

, and searched it's originalities. I achieved success and continued watching the series for the next 4 months /or as far as I can remember/.

My one favourite main cast pony?: I would say Pinkie and Applejack, but they're not my favourite-FAVOURITE ponies among all of the others. If the question was to be more in-general, I would say Big Macintosh

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