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[Ponyville]International Day at the Ambrosia Cafe[Open to all!]

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Savory was intently working on a recipe for a dish called the "Divinity Souffle" that she had graciously received from her great-grandmother after years of prodding and trying to convince her that she had enough experience in front of an oven. Of course, the recipe arrived only three days ago, and Savory had to scramble to gather all the ingredients, especially since a couple were so rare that they were only sold in Canterlot. Her gaze and mind was so focused on the task, that she had to exercise great restraint not to jump at the sound of her doorbell jingling. Her heart was not excused from the start, however, and it pounded hard against her chest as she trotted over to the kitchen door and peeked through the glass. There were three ponies standing in her dining room, and one seemed very familiar...

"...! Mayor Mare?! She's here? Oh dear, oh dear, I musn't keep her waiting!"

Taking a few seconds to dust the fine coating of flour her coat had accumulated off of herself, Savory straightened her mane and cautiously edged her way around the door, closing it gently with her magic so as to not deflate 6 hours of hard work in an instant.

"Mayor Mare, it is an honor to see you here today," the mare nodded her head toward the white-maned mare, beaming. "Please excuse the condition of my appearance, I have been working since sunrise to make something very intensive." Spotting the two stallions beside the mayor, Savory nodded toward them as well.

"It is also a pleasure to meet you both as well. Tell me, what brings you all here to Ambrosia Winds?"

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The bay pegasus stallion, Hoss Skybright grinned broadly as he flew into ponyville, looking back at his "Special Somepony".

It was his first chance to give Jubilee a meal out since the recent Winter Wrap-up, and he was also quite curious about the international ponies.

He and his sister, Shanna, had traveled with their parents to many pony lands and he wanted to see if he knew any of the ponies who would show up.

Hoss flared his wings near the restauraunt and landed, missing the statue near the front of the building. He bowed to the bond pegasus as she landed "Here we are, the Ambrosia Winds Cafe'... I and Shanna had a great meal the first day it opened. You are going to love the special dishes, Jubilee."

He opened the door for her, smiling.

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Jubilee Flyer

Jubilee, the petite blonde Pegasus mare smiled as she landed near the cafe next to Hoss.

"Oh darling, this restaurant looks wonderful! I can't wait to go inside! You say you and your sister were here previously? What would you recommend? I'm SO excited I could just BURST!!"

Not only was Jubilee thrilled to be dining at a new restaurant, she was overjoyed to be spending more time with her very special somepony. Their relationship was very strong and she was very happy about that fact.

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Well now, ever since the mayor stepped in, the place seemed to be livening up. With a little luck, Riddle would have a sizable audience for the show he eventually wanted to put on. First off, there were ponies to attend to. The owner of the cafe (Savory Spell, as Riddle had come to understand) had just walked out the kitchen. Understandably, she seemed to notice the mayor before himself and Vacant, but that quickly amended quickly.

"Actually, if I might speak for the three of us, I think we're all here because of the International Day you have advertised. Oh! And I suppose you could call me Mirage Riddle"

Almost immediately after saying this, two more ponies walked in through the door. Well, more specifically two pegasi, and they appeared to be together. He didn't say anything after they walked in, but he did smile at them.

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"Yes, I was here to discuss the same event. You just call me Vic, I run a hotel here in town, and such events could be beneficial to both of our businesses."

He ignores the new comers, assuming that they are just their for lunch. He tried to hide his earlier aggravation at having to wait, but he its still clear in his tone of voice.

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(OOC: Sorry if this is out-of-turn. thought Id better answer to bump this closer to the top)

Hoss fluttered his wingtips excitedly as he went inside with Jubilee. She always made him feel so happy and lucky to be with her.

The bay stallion turned to her and answered her question as they waited to be seated

"Her specialty dessert is baklava, and it is as fine as anything made by the Cakes.

We each tried a different meal and sampled from each other's plate. I had moussaka, a potato and eggplant dish, and Shanna had dolmades, grape leaves stuffed with rice, mint, and parsley -And both were Awesome!

Either of those I recommend equally, hon."

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"Sounds delightful, sweetie!" Jubilee neighed happily. "Both of those dishes sound delicious! I'm so glad you suggested coming here!"

The petite blonde Pegasus was happy to be spending more time with her very special 'somepony' once more. After all those trips with the Migration Team during the Winter Wrap Up, it was good to spend some quiet, quality time with Hoss.

"So Hoss, are you and your sister working on any current weather related projects in Cloudsdale? I was glad to help out Rainbow Dash during the Annual water transfer at the Ponyville Reservoir. Good thing Fluttershy showed up and gave our group that extra burst of wing power!"

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Although most of his attention was focused at the matter at hand, he couldn't help himself from listning in on the two ponies that appeared to have come in for nothing more than a meal. More importantly, he found himself paying more attention as they mentioned a few names he didn't quite recognize. Sure they were familiar, but for some reason, Riddle couldn't quite put a hoof on them

"Excuse me, miss, but those two you mentioned, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, I believe. Who exactly might they be? They sound relatively important, and importance is hard to come by."

Riddle turned to face the couple as he spoke, giving a slight welcoming smile as he finished.

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Ohhh... right, that's where Riddle had heard the names. After giving a brief nod of thanks towards Vacant, he went back into thought. Funny how one forgets that kind of thing, really. Anyways, back to the matter at hoof. Or perhaps, a slight detour of what was at hoof. After asking a question, he figured that at least a generally how-do-you-do was usually given, and so he figured he'd at least pay attention to the couple if they responded. And besides, service seemed to be rather slow, so he needed something to pass the time with.

Levitating his notebook out of his pouch, he began flipping through the pages as he waited. Perhaps he could solve one of the riddles he left for himself in the past. Now, to find a good one...

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Princess Cadence stepped carefully from the train, making sure to keep her wings folded to the side so as not to clip them on the hard edges of the doorway. With bright eyes and an equally inviting smile, the mare looked about the station with a pleased expression. Ponies bustled everywhere, some disembarking while others climbed on or were simply hurrying their friends and family along. It was both interesting and slightly confusing to watch it all. She had of course visited Ponyville before on her trips around Equestria, but that had been quite a while ago and the little town seemed to have grown exponentially since then. After all, this is where Twilight Sparkle and her friends lived, so it couldn't hurt to see the current state of the area with her own eyes. There were some back at Canterlot who had urged her to take along a guard or two for protection, but Cadence had dismissed the notion with the wave of a hoof.

"I just want to take a little trip. Besides, anything that might happen can hardly be worse than the changelings, right?" she'd asked with a grin.

Upon moving out of the train station, the princess noticed a nearby flyer announcing International Day at a cafe somewhere in town. Her eyes gleamed with excitement. In addition to being well-traveled, Cadence had acquired tastes for several regional delicacies while working with Canterlot Royal Public Relations. She was always a little wistful when the cooks in the castle couldn't replicate them just from her descriptions alone. Perhaps she'd find some of them at this event! After all, she hadn't announced her visit to Twilight, and her favorite unicorn was likely working at this time of day anyway. It could wait just a little while.

While waving and calling out greetings to the ponies that saw and recognized her, Cadence made her way steadily to the Ambrosia Winds Cafe. It looked like a wonderfully tasteful (pun intended!) eatery, and the alicorn eagerly stepped inside to an already sizeable group. Among the patrons was a pony whom she assumed was the mayor, with the way she was being addressed, and the owner herself, explaining a bit about the dishes she was making. Others looked about as excited as she was, and she couldn't wait to meet somepony who shared her exotic culinary tastes.

"Hello everypony!" she said with enthusiasm. "I don't mean to interrupt, but I can't wait to try some of the food. Is there anything I can do to help?"

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[OOC: Please excuse my short absence. I recently suffered a sprained ankle and had to rest it for a bit.]

Savory nodded toward the first stallion, acknowledging his response. "Excellent! I was hoping I'd have some takers. Mirage, hm? That's quite the handsome name."

Turning her head toward the brown-toned stallion beside Mirage, Savory's ears pricked up upon hearing that he was the owner of a hotel in town. Her restaurant was a fun venture, and a very social one at that, but it was still a business. Teaming up with a hotel would be a prime opportunity to better both their careers.

"It is a pleasure to acquaint myself with a fellow entrepreneur, Vic." she replied happily.

Hearing more voices approaching, Savory's face brightened when she saw somepony familiar. A previous customer of hers had walked in the door with a pretty blonde-toned pegasus under his wing.

"Excuse me, gentlemen." Trotting over to the couple, the teal mare smiled upon hearing Hoss talk so highly of her cooking before she reached them.

"Good afternoon, Hoss! It's wonderful to see you again. And who might this lovely pony be with you?"

While she waited for Hoss to reply, Savory's ear twitched as the door jingled a fourth time. Peering past the pegasus couple, Savory's eyes grew to the size of serving platters as she witnessed a pink alicorn with a spring (as in fuschia, yellow, purple, most colors that remind one of spring) rainbow mane make her way through the doorway. Her brain momentarily short-circuited as she did some quick math.

Let's see...there are only three alicorns known in existance...all three are royalty...the smallest...pink...!!!

Princess Cadence has just walked into my restaurant!

Unsure of what to do, Savory began to bounce on the tips of her hooves nervously, not wanting to be rude and interrupt the order of which pony she was speaking to, but not wanting to insult the princess by not greeting her straightaway. She whinnied quietly under her breath, thinking, Please don't be mad at me, please don't be mad at me...

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(OOC: quite understandable. I'll be off work 2 weeks for my ankle)

Hoss nickered happily as Jubilee asked him about what he and Shanna was up to in Cloudsdale.

Before he could properly reply, a pony with a "question mark" cutie mark asked Jubilee about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. -And another pony with a similar mark volentered an answer.

Hoss nodded "Exactly! My sister, Shanna is so jazzed at having met them both during Winter Wrap-up..." Just then Ambrosia Came up to them and asked a question.

He nuzzled Jubilee "I think I'd better tell you the events once we are seated, hon." then spoke to Ambrosia. "Hello Ambrosia! This is my Special Somepony, Jubilee! She's a wonderful singer looking to make it big."

He suddenly saw Ambrosia freeze up and looked behind him as Princess Cadence came in.

Hoss nuzzled Jubilee and backed up a step to make room for the royal. He smiled and did a bow "Good Day, Princess Cadenza."

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"PRINCESS CADANCE!!" Jubliee shouted as she bowed before the approaching Princess. "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!!! Canterlot royalty HERE, standing right in front of me!"

The starstruck Pegasus gave out a loud 'fangirl squeel," so excited she didn't exactly know what to do with herself at the moment as she began to ramble.

"It;s YOU, it's REALLY YOU how is everything in Canterlot how was the honeymoon with Shining Armor, oops, I shouldn't have asked that, forget I mentioned that would you sign my scrapbook... wait... where's my scrapbook? Did I bring it with me? Oh how could I go anywhere without my scrapbook? I mean, oh, nevermind that, oh Princess Cadance, I am such a HUGE fan of yours! What's your favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite drink? And....."

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Cadence noticed that the proprietor was looking rather uncomfortable, and an apologetic look washed over her face.

"Oh I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to cause trouble! I'll just wait over here."

As she shuffled to the side, another pony that had been chatting stopped to give a bow and a greeting, with a most pleasant smile on his features. She returned the bow with a similar expression.

"And good day to you! I'm afraid we haven't met personally yet, but that's alright. It just means this is another opportunity for us to make new friends. What's your na-"

A loud shout mildly startled the princess, and she turned to see an ecstatic pegasus bubbling about her appearance in the cafe. The reaction was so entertaining that Cadence burst into soft laughter. She didn't often get this kind of reception, though it was one of her favorites.

"It's me!" she giggled, grinning widely at her apparent fan. As the stream of questions burst forth from Jubilee, the alicorn narrowed her eyes in a playful acceptance of the challenge.

"Canterlot is fine now. The honeymoon was amazing. It's alright! I will sign your scrapbook. I'm not sure, but I'll sign it if you find it. I'd love to see it! Thank you! Amethyst. Some rice dish I can't name from Stalliongrad. I love starberry juice!"

Cadence finished a little breathlessly, looking pleased with herself.

"And what's your name? I'd love to get to know one of my biggest fans. Tell me a little about yourself!"

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[OOC: Hoss, just to remind you, my pony's name is Savory Spell, not Ambrosia. Ambrosia is the name of the restaurant.]

Savory heard Hoss respond and paused in her awe to greet the new pegasus properly.

"What a pretty name! Pleased to meet you, Miss Jubilee," she said, smiling. "A singer? My, I would love to hear-"

Suddenly, Jubilee let out a huge squeal and darted over to Princess Cadence, barraging her with questions. Savory giggled and watched as Cadence did her best to keep up with her answers. Spotting Vacant sitting down at one of the more distant tables, the mare walked over and took his order for some tea.

"Coming right up, Vic." Pushing her way through the double doors leading into the kitchen, Savory filled a kettle with water and set it on the stove. Within a few moments, the doors swung open again and Savory levitated the cup of hot tea to rest gently in front of Vacant.

"Here you are," she said, also setting down a double tray of milk and sugar. "I'm sorry if the noise is an issue, Vic. I didn't expect this many ponies so early in the day."

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(OOC: ooops sorry! :blush: )

Hoss smiled and fluffed his wings when Cadence spoke to him, Jubilee and Savory Spell.

He managed to get out "Thanks Savory Spell." before Jubilee became a raging fangirl again.

Smiling, Hoss waited for a break in the stream of words and jumped in "I am Star Skybright of the Canterlot Observatory... and the Cloudsdale Weather Patrol. My friends call me Hoss, and Jubilee here is my Special Somepony."

He smiles and taps one of Jubile's saddlebags with a black-banded wingtip before nuzzling her supportively "I believe you keep your scrapbook in this one, hon. Take a deep breath before you tell her about your singing career."

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Jubilee was so excited by now, she had lost all track of place and time. All she could see was the elegant royal alicorn standing before her and it had blown her mind completely! The petite Pegasus mare had dreamed of one day entertaining royalty at Canterlot castle with her singing and dancing. She had imagined herself in a sequenced outfit singing her heart out for the royal Princesses, and now, she was looking right at one of them! As if by instinct, Jubilee reached a hoof out to one side to receive her scrapbook from her beloved.

"My name? Oh yeah, my name! I'm Jubilee Flyer, but you can call me Jubilee but for that matter you can call me anything you like your highness! Someday, my goal is to be the biggest entertainer in all of Equestria and oh look! My scrapbook! Could you sign it for me, please please please please please?"

Jubilee was so giddy, she began 'bouncing' up and down in place, Pinkie Pie style.

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Cadance gave an apologetic glance over to the pony that seemed to be disturbed by the commotion she'd caused, and though she couldn't politely remove herself from the conversation she made a note to personally speak with him when she could. The apparent special somepony of exciteable pegasus before her introduced himself as Star Skybright, or Hoss. The princess grinned a little at the nickname.

"Well it's entirely my pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hoss," she replied smoothly, her innocent laughter only hinted at in her voice. "I know my Aunt Luna is particularly fond of the observatory herself, and I enjoy looking at the stars. You must have a very interesting time."

Cadance's attention was drawn in again as Jubilee seemed to have caught her breath and started up again. The mare mentioned being a performer, with her specialties lying in singing and dancing. Without missing a beat the winged pony presented the alicorn with her scrapbook and a big smile.

"I can call you anything? If I had to pick I'd probably go for one of the most 'entertaining' ponies I've ever met!" the royal gently teased, levitating a quill and taking care to give a rather personalized signature, rather than the hurried one she used on the rare documentations for which her approval was required. Cadance took a step back and admired her work, as she usually didn't pay much attention to what she wrote.

"Someday soon it looks like I'll need to convince everypony at the castle to have a party with you headlining," she added with a warm expression. "I know I for one would love it."

((I'll be adding a fun little something to this post later :) ))

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A young, green maned mare trotted through the town. Sourgrape was on her runs in the area, and she couldn't help but notice all these flyers and posters about an...

"International day?" she murmured to herself curiously, as she stopped to get a closer read at one of the posters. "Ci. Mama and Papa would like the sound of this." Sourgrape shrugged, as she looked in both directions, before taking the poster down, and putting it in her saddlebag amongst her bags of samples. Sourgrapes parents were both a rather patriotic set of Itailian Ponies. If they heard about this, they would go crazy mad with glee for such an oppurtunity.

Sourgrape decided to go and take a look at the cafe. She was surprised that she hadn't regularly visited it on her rounds around Ponyville. Maybe she would get a chance to set up some form of partnership, or at least a couple of orders from the vineyard if she played her cards right.

After a breif walk, the cafe was in sight. "Ah. Bene." Sourgrape sighed, pursing her lips as she approached, and entered.

The cafe was quaint, and the atmosphere was nice, but very... quiet. That's when the mare noticed the presence of Princess Cadence. Her eyes widened and she glanced around, before inching a few meters away from the door. Royals made her nervous. She was never sure how to act around them.

Sourgrape stood quietly, feeling quite the awkward duck.

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Vacant thanked Savory and assured her that he would be alright. After carefully cooling the steaming tea with a precise amount of milk, Vacant helped himself to a very generous sip. Almost immediately, he seems noticeably calmer, and helps himself to more.

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Savory, having served Vacant and seeing that Princess Cadence was still busy with Jubilee's gushing, was just about to go back into the kitchen when she saw that yet another pony had walked into the cafe. She was a lean, purple-coated pegasus with a short green mane. Sensing that more ponies were sure to arrive now that a couple of famous celebrities were milling about the interior, Savory ducked into the kitchen to do a final check on all of the dishes. Thinking hard about what to do, since things were getting a tad overwhelming for her, the unicorn galloped toward an open door in the back corner of the kitchen, where a flight of stairs resided. Savory hauled herself up the stairs into her bedroom and dressed up in a satin chiton (the traditional Grecian garment much like a toga) that was a lovely shade of lilac to set off her violet eyes and turquoise coat. Using her magic to lace up a pair of golden sandals on her back hooves, Savory then applied a very light layer of makeup and tied up her long wavy mane into a large braid. Satisfied with her look, she made her way back down the stairs, her heart pounding with excitement. Walking out past the double doors, she loudly cleared her throat and began the formal introduction she had planned.

"May I have everypony's attention, if you please? Thank you, and let me be the first to say welcome, wilkommen, bonjour, konnichiwa, bienvenidos, and buongiorno to the first annual International Day here at my humble Ambrosia Winds cafe. I am Savory Spell, your hostess and chef this afternoon."

Savory bowed in the general direction of the small crowd, including Cadence, and continued on.

"The reason I came up with this little event is because ever since I was a filly, I have always been fascinated with cooking. It is my talent, after all," she chortled, nudging the edge of her chiton forward to reveal her herbal-leaf cutie mark. "Our homeland was not necessarily a melting pot, but the foreigners that did come across us were more than welcome to teach us about their customs and varied cuisines. Every last day of spring, we, that being the travelers and ourselves, would get together and set up displays of our finest cultural dishes to share. I am honored and priviledged to share this tradition passed down through generations with you all. So, without further ado, I would like to present each section of the globe for you now."

Taking extra caution, Savory used her magic to levitate out the first round of dishes and carefully set them down on a white and blue cloth-covered table. "First up is my homeland's signature dishes. Dolmades, which are stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, black olives and mint. Moussaka, an eggplant dish, vegetable souvlaki, ambrosia salad, dubbed the 'nectar of the gods' and baklava, a sweetened nut pastry with honey. Please enjoy, everypony."

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Jubilee's eyes sprang open wide at Princess Cadance's words.

"You mean it, your highness? ME? Entertaining at Canterlot Castle? In front of royalty? REALLY? ME??"

Now the petite blonde Pegasus was about to explode with excitement! She could barely keep herself from flying straight through the roof at very notion of Julibee Flyer 'headlining at the castle' and performing before Princess' Cadance, Celestia and Luna! Soon the flood of emotions overwhelmed her, and with one last scream of excitement, Jubilee fainted and fell to the floor with all four hooves up in the air!

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Hoss watched in pride, puffing his chest out as Princess Cadence was giving Jubilee a shot at her big break.

The bay pegasus stifled a chuckle with a wingtip as Jubilee blissed out.

The bliss suddenly progressed to a full out faint.

Seeing her pass out with a giant grin on her face, he tactfully kicked one of the sitting cushions to the spot where her head would land, and gave a "hoof's up" to Cadence when Jubilee's head hit right on the cushion. "Thank you for making my sweetie so very happy, your highness."

Just then, the proprietress returned in full costume,and began her speech explaining the event.

Hoss quietly nudged Jubilee awake to hear it an about the food. "Sound good to you, Jubilee my lovely mare?"

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