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Timid Star [FINAL]


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(on mobile, will fix formatting errors when I reach a desktop pc)

[Name] Timid Star

[Roleplay Type] World of Equestria RP

[Gender] Male

[Age] Young Colt

[Physique] Small and weak physically

[Pelt Color] Metallic Gold

[Mane/Tail Color and style] Cerulean mane that is well groomed and tail that is quite short and spiky.

[Eye Color] Hazel

[Cutie Mark] He's still a blank flank

[Origin] An island village in the Gallopacus Islands

[Motivation] To become more confident in himself and make new friends

[Likes] Omelletes, playing with his dog,

[Dislikes] Rough play, animal cruelty, bullies

[Character Summary] Born in an idyllic island village in the Gallopacus Islands. His mother, Sunflower, was the local gourmand, making delicious meals for the entire village. His father, Flint Star was a shepherd and a courageous stallion, with a heart of gold, willing and able to help his fellow ponies, rescuing Lighter and his colt, Fuel, from their burning hut when the jungle caught fire. He looks up to his father and wishes he could be brave like his father but he is timid and sensitive, unsure of his own strength and abilities.

That was in the past, Timid Star, now a young colt, has more confidence in himself but is still prone to being shy and unsure in his physical strength but underneath it all beats a strong heart that is gentle towards others and a strong mind. He spends his free time, when not studying and practicing his magic, combing the beaches for shells and other useful items that wash ashore. He enjoys the solitude and peacefulness of the beach, spending hours with his dog, Boney, levitating sticks and hurling them great distances for Boney to fetch them.

Further Information:

He leads a simple life with his parents who love him for who he is but he struggles with the constant teasing from the other young ponies about his small frame and relative lack of muscle. All the teasing he received made him redouble his focus on strengthening his control of his magic, which he is skilled at to compensate for his small, weak body. He'd much rather be alone or at home with his mother than hang around with his peers as another side effect of the constant bullying. This proved to be a good thing because his father, who he looks up to as a heroic figure in his life, took him aside and said to him, "I know it's hard to take all this abuse, but if you don't stand tall and be true in the face of adversity, how are you gonna make it on your own?". Hearing his father speak those words, understanding filled his eyes as he replied, "thanks!" before heading out the front door.

He approached his peers, who were playing with a hollowed out coconut, kicking it around and trying to shoot it into either of the makeshift goals that were made of fishing nets and bamboo poles. As soon as he got within 30 meters of the group, he began to feel afraid of what they were going to do to him this time, but he forged onward, until one of the more mean spirited ponies playfully kicked the coconut at him. Timid could see it coming and smiled, it was time to put all those hours of practice on focusing his magic as his horn glowed and he stopped the coconut with a levitation spell. The other ponies laughed and approached him as he let the coconut drop to the ground. They were surprised, "how could such a puny little colt like you pull that off?", they asked him. He replied that playing fetch with your dog using telekinesis helped a lot. After that incident, they treated him with a little more respect, although they still played pranks on him from time to time, it was never as malicious as they were in his foalhood.

Timid Star, surrounded by his peers, who all have their marks while he was still a blank flank in his colthood, seemed to have lost all his progress in overcoming his timidity around his peers. He became reclusive, working himself to the bone with his magic studies, which he excelled at, in search of his specialty. Having exhausted the island's limited library on magic and not discovering his talent while also causing a bit of property damage with failed experiments in his quest to discover himself. He shut down as he felt that he would never find out who he was meant to be on this island paradise. He didn't want to go outside and instead spent his time in his room, not coming out, his confidence in his ability to be useful shattered. His peers would come and ask him to come out and have fun with them. He always respectfully declined as he felt uncomfortable to be the only one without his mark.

His father, Flint, who was tired of Timid hiding from the world because he was afraid of how his peers would treat him, said to Timid during a breakfast of omelets made in an effort to cheer him up from the weight of crushing disappointment stemming from his personal failures in achieving his mark. "We have decided to send you to Canterlot. With the way you wield magic and all the accumulated magical knowledge they have in their libraries, you will probably have a better chance at finding your talent!". Timid was stunned by the news and although excited at being in Canterlot, it meant leaving his parents behind and he couldn't see himself leaving home. He packed his bags anyway and before he was to board the ship that would take him to Canterlot, his father handed him a medallion that was made of gold and said to him, "I found this when I was your age. Just remember, if you ever feel like you can't do something or you feel useless. Look at this and remember that no matter what happens, we still believe in you and love you.". He waved his hoof as the ship pulled away from shore, leaving his past and his parents behind. He began to cry as homesickness set in.

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Hmm - I like the fundementals, but the application is lacking real punch...there's just not enough to go on, and that's something we should look into correcting here!

Think about it this way...you have a chance to tell us who this l'il blank flanked guy is - what he hopes for, who he admires and what he wants to potentially do with his life.

IE: Does he have any hobbies, any skills he excels at than most other ponies? What kinda life does he have and how does he deal with it?

I would say give us a couple more paragraphs about how he is as a pony, what fears does he have and what his ambitions might be - give people a real reason to love this l'il guy!

This is your chance to sell this character to us, and to show the board why this little pony should be one to invite into an RP with them once accepted!

I'll check back in a day or two to see your progress - I'm sure you can stretch it out maybe JUST a little bit more than there is! :smirk:

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I'll try, but like him I am afraid i am gonna go too far with the magic part, like on my last Unicorn app that I requested be deleted because I couldn't figure out a way to nerf him to fit mane standards without seriously compromising the story and the character. On mobile, will try to do my best.

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I think this application is pretty set with perhaps one minor missing aspect. It states he is still a "blank flank" even though he has reached the colt age. Does that concern him at all? Is he actively seeking to find whatever his special talent may be and the fact not knowing yet cause him any issues with self-confidence or social standing with his peers? Or conversely is he alright with this fact?

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