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The unknown letter


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In Episode 21, spike recieves a letter from Princess Celestia when he meets up with the teenage dragons, the red teenage dragon takes the letter and destroys it.

What was in that letter?

Was it an explanation for Spikes origin?

Was it an emergency?

A warning?


What do YOU think it was?


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Dearest Spike,

Please make sure to burn this immediately, as attached to this letter is the only evidence of my involvement in the murders of several groundskeepers.

Actually, when I say I was involved, I mean to say 'I did it'.

Also, please be a dear and inform Twilight not to open her wardrobe... and burn that as well. The sooner the better, really, unless you feel like dealing with the smell. I just ran out of room to put them, and for that I sincerely apologize.


Princess Celestia

P.S. If you don't burn this and try to turn it in to the authorities I'll drop you into a quasar.

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Okay, remember how the first seasons finale was a pretty straight forward episode yet they still had episodes that lead up to it (such as ticket master, suited for success, or the episode where they had shown Fluttershy storing the Gala dresses). I think they are taking a similar approach in season two, but a less obvious one at that. I predict that the Windigoes (from the hearths warming Eve's episode) will return for some reason in the finale. I also believe that letter was important and will some how be connected with the return of the Windigoes or some other matter in relation to this.

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Dear Spike,

When you read this letter please discard it. And please do not show Twilight this as I will reveal it to her in a later time.

I am Twilight's mother. I can no longer hide that fact. I gave birth to her and wanted her to live a normal life so I found two ponies desparately trying to have a child and had them adopt her. I made sure that she was accepted to the school and that I would be her teacher. That way I could care fore her without her suspecting the truth. Princess Luna doesn't know that she is Twilight's aunt, but I'll be telling her shortly.

Remember, destroy this letter.

Sincerely, Princess Celestia

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