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This is the official thread for information and chatting about the Twenty-second episode of Season Two - "Hurricane Fluttershy"! So come join the conversation! The thread will open up five minutes before the episode airs (11:55am Central/12:55pm Eastern). Remember though, there are spoilers in the comments section so read at your own risk if you haven't seen the episode! :blah:

Also, the channel #Spoilers has been opened on the chat (Type /join #Spoilers when in the chat to join it) for live discussion! Don't ruin it for everyone else!


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I connected to Fluttershy a lot here, since I was teased in my childhood often as well.

Humour was sprinkled appropriately around, and there was a lot of touching scenes as well. I think the one thing missing might have been a song, but the training montage might have been more appropriate anyway.

Also, I'm glad steroid pony was no more than a side-gag (YEAH!).

EDIT: Oh, also, I wasn't listening that carefully, but I've read that Spitfire got a voice change apparently. :shock:

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Well I liked that episode.

The new character designs were the best part. So many really neat pegasus designs. :D

The main plot was kind of meh. I mean, there were no real surprises to be had. Still, as predictable as it was, the execution wasn't bad exactly. There was a fair amount of humor.

On the shipping end, I've been nothing but critical of Flutterdash, but this episode seemed to support the idea the most. I still just really don't see it as something that would work, but eh, this wasn't nearly as negative as most of their interactions.

Spitfire cameo was pretty nice too. Guess she was forbidden from jumping in and helping them out, huh?

And then there's Derpy... Lots of appearances. I have a sneaking suspicion a number of lines involving her were unceremoniously dropped...

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This was a very cute episode!

LOVED Fluttertree and the "None Taken" mule here!

Although we all saw a lot of 'Muscle Pegasus', didn't really notice him flying though.

I can relate to Fluttershy's inner struggle. I too was belittled and 'made fun of' in my younger days (and somewhat in my older ones too)

I found myself cheering for Fluttershy to succeed!

And it was nice to see that Rainbow Dash showed great concern for Fluttershy, and she wasn't even bothered by the fact that their team DIDN'T break the wingspeed record. This shows a lot of maturity in her character.

I believe RD and FS both were the 'stars' of this episode!

And I have to agree with Phil, I'll bet Derpy had some lines but then had them edited out because of the contraversy in Ep 14.

Overall, this was one of the better episodes of Season 2!

LOVED IT from start to finish!


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Finally able to comment as my cable went out before the episode began (rassin frassin)

anyhow thoughts:

I really liked this episode, while the comedy was low seeing Flutters grow more was great. I liked the fact it was Flutters herself who got herself through this, sure she had help from her animal friends (and Twilight) but it was Flutters in the end who came through.

I liked the fact the training montage was parodied too, as opposed to Flutters instantly becoming great she still did not pass that high in her speeds.

Also this episode confirms that yes, Fluttershy is in fact a tree.

Also Rainbow Dash earned some points back this episode for not being a total jerk again

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Let's not swear, Hm?
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Great episode all around. Plot was fairly straight forward but I definitely got a lot of laughs out of it. I know I was laughing like a maniac at Fluttertree. The training montage was great, and I think I ran out of duct tape trying to piece my heart back together after Fluttershy cried. Also, Rainbow Dash being caring and supportive? Who knew?

We got a lot of new expressions, and I can't help but wonder if there was a new storyboarder or something. It's hard to really nail it down, but some of the facial expressions are in a slightly different style than what we've seen previously. Actually, not just even that. I definitely noticed some macaroni arms, especially near the end. Now, that's not necessarily bad, I just thought it'd be interesting to note.

So much Derpy! :P

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