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oh um,hello. welcome to ask shyshy. i guess the way this works is you all ask me questions (any are fine) and i will answer them (hopefully all of them) as soon and fast as i can. if this doesn't belong here or this is a stupid thing, please tell me. sorry. thank you.

have fun.

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You know I was joking with my post right?

oh, im sorry i haven't the slightest idea what you're

referring to. so sorry.


What is the question to the life, the universe, and everything?

as far as the "question" goes i do beleive you are referring to the fabled "theory of everything" origionally coined by albert einstein. however we are nowehere near the solution. but a major step in the right direction is STRING THEORY. http://en.wikipedia....i/String_theory

ShyShy, what is your position on the ancient debate... chocolate or fudge

Thanks in advance. :3

oh um, fudge and chocolate are both great, but um, i favor chocolate. it's easier for me to eat. but to be honest i prefer fruit flavored sweets. mostly hard candies. but usually i just eat an apple or peach etc. :)


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oh um, absolutely not. see i was raised baptist. however i am agnostic. i believe that there is a god but that he made everything. including every world/universe. string theory from what i understand suggests the possibility of every universe you could possibly imagine an and every variation. so i believe there is in fact the possibility of a multiverse.


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shyshy, since you said you're baptist<agnostic,

Do you believe that Satan can go through multiverse ways(Like a parallel universe or something), including that God can too?

What kind of a multiverse are you meaning to believe that is possible?

There is parallel, multiparallel, and that string theory + parallel, etc...

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um, i can sum up what i believe as far as multiverse and the passage of gods and other spiritual beings.

so, i think that although there is an unlimited amount of universes all different one way or another , some are accessible in the way you have described.

others are not. maybe that is one difference that makes it an alternate universe. but anyway, so i believe that this universe in general is accessible by such spiritual entities/energies but not all universes are. ours might be. of course i really have no science to back any of this up at all. it just kinda fits sorta.

oh um, if i didnt answer your question im sorry, please inform me and ill try again. :)


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Sooooo, if I'm understanding this correctly...

You're giving out free 'Likes' in return for asking questions? :3

>:l Materialistic approach... I mean... if you could assume that "Likes" are a material thing... ...You know what I mean!

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Likes are OBVIOUSLY the currency of Canterlot!

And Fawkes intends to stay a rich, RICH pony... chimera... thing.

No matter WHAT it takes...

You don't even know, Volt.


There's NOTHING I won't do!



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  • 4 weeks later...

Sooooo, if I'm understanding this correctly...

You're giving out free 'Likes' in return for asking questions? :3

yes. yes i am. if you'd like anyways.

Should I wait and get 1 more Star Piece and purchase the Zap Tap Badge or should I buy the Happy Heart Badge right now in Paper Mario

wait for the zap tap badge! i did the exact same thing except i bought the happy heart and the game went from OK to HARD!


what is the answer to an answer of a question?

either a:

  • statement
  • another question
  • one of multiple answers
  • off topic
  • correction
  • annoying
  • funny
  • smart
  • never ending list of possibilities!

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Dear shyshy,

How fares your time in the military?

i am not currently in the military.

but if i was, i assume it'd be the fun kinda hell.

sorry if i didn't answer your question.

Dear Shyshy,

What is your favorite kind of candy.

(I love apples as well)

JELLY BEANS!!! :blah:

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