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hi hi

To take this a step further, would ponies even like to read about the bad stuff? (The paper that the CMC's were working at was a school newspaper, but didn't they also reference the existence of a real newspaper as well?)

I'm guessing that pony interest stories are a big portion of the news, especially since everypony seemed to be so interested in reading stories about their neighbors. Weather would be another good one, I bet it would be more like reading the TV guide though, since the weather is planned out in advance. :)

Based on the way everypony reacted to Gabby Gums my thought was that the established newspaper was pretty much just news (how much negative stuff they report could be up to debate) but Gabby Gums was their first exposure to a tabloid style of reporting, which would explain how popular it got. Pony stories in the normal paper are probably like human interest pieces rather then anything really juicy

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