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A Day In Your Life. (Must Use Pictures)


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So, in this thread, we'll use pictures to describe a day in our usual lives. You can put text to explain, if you want. Here. I'll go first.

(Warning. Huge pictures.)

1. Try to map out a new track with Dubturbo (That's right. I'm reppin the 130.):

2. Realize that Dubturbo is kinda crappy, and switch to FL Studio, then spend a few minutes trying to figure it out:

3: Give up, and go to My Little Brony for a few hours:

4. Check for FiMFiction Updates:


5: Check my Facebook, and get a few lulz:


6: Troll my readers, because they know I love them:

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first I get on the computer and it looks like this:


then I open the internet and it looks like this the rest of the day:


sometimes I go on other websites, but I usually forget to ._.

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4:50 - 5:20 am -- Breakfast


5:20 - 6:00 -- Hope to take a nice, warm shower to ease into the realm of the wakeful. Get this instead:


6:30 - 7:00 am -- Avoid this crazy idiot on the freeway to school:


8:00 am - 3:30 pm -- Listen to this guy (Bein Stein)


Explain to us what this is and why we (as future Network Administrators in the making) are monkeys for having even reached it in the first place:


3:30 - 4:00 pm -- Hey jack***, I had my blinker on!!


4:00 pm - 2:43 am -- Read ALL of these and write detailed, chapter-specific book reports for everything because you will have a test on each of them in like 8 hours:


2:43 - 4:49 am -- Realize that it's officially the next morning already and you're due to wake up in like an hour and 20 minutes; conclude that sleep is for the weak and watch this instead. Pause momentarily to note the (haunting) similarities between your life and theirs:


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