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Time For business (QuickLime)


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Ice Storm woke up early this morning. Lore had been very kind letting her stay there with him while she was looking for a place of her own. than being said, she remembered what the mayor had told her before about a pony named Filthy Rich. She said that he would be the pony to talk to in regards abut a business loan to help her get started with at least enough bits to get the supplies she needs to get started. She was perfectly fine working out of a tent for a while in the market place until she could afford to purchase an actual shop, but she still needed the flavorings and something to at least keep the water contained in. She needed something almost like an aquatic tank to keep the water flowing. It made the highest quality snow when she used her magic on it, and in turn was the highest quality for snow cones, she would also need the items required for smoothies, and milkshakes as well.

Looking at everything that I need, I estimate that the water tank and the blenders would be the most expensive. The water itself for the ice sculptures shouldn't be that difficult, since it's just water, and those are done by request anyway. The syrups shouldn't be all that expensive either. In Canterlot an entire bottle of one flavor was only a few bits. Then again, these treats weren't very popular there either so that may have been why they were so cheap. That being said, I should probably expect them to be a bit higher here. so lets say about ten bits-ish for each flavor, and I need... lemon, lime, raspberry, cherry, punch, grape, apple, watermelon, orange, strawberry...she thought to herself as she continued walking towards town hall. The Mayor said Mr. Rich was always by the business bulletins every morning, she she hoped that she would be able to catch him. I think that's all for snow cones, I'll also need a good supply of actual fruit for the smoothies, and a good supply of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shake syrups. so just in syrups alone, I'm looking at. hmmm... at least a hundred and thirty bits just to get started with one of every flavor. I 'could' probably do without some of the flavors startign up and get multiples of the basics, but then I wouldn't be a true frozen treat stand if I didn't offer every flavor imaginable.

She continued thinking to herself on the manner, and before she knew it she was at the town hall. Okay, so to get started with everything to get everything I need assuming all my math is accurate, eight hundred 'should' be enough to get started. That would give me enough for three bottles of flavoring syrups a piece, a couple blenders, and the water tank I'm looking for with a little bit left over to get more supplies if needed. I could go 900 to make sure, but I don't know How Mr. Rich would react to somepony asking to loan that many bits. It is a business loan sure, but that's still a lot of bits, she thought to herself concluding her estimates before heading inside.

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