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Many Mask's MLP: FiM reviews.


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Hello Canterlot.

For some time now, I've written little reviews over at a website. Nice place really if you like The Legend of Zelda. http://zrpg.net/forums/

But anyways, it's just a little something I like to do since I can't make music or draw. I've given thought to writing fan fics about ponies, but that's another topic entirely.

I started off reviewing just as myself, but later on I switched to a format that I used an avatar (my avatar) in Ponyville to "experience" the events and write thoughts be they good or bad. And yes, if I see something I view as negative I will mention it. People who view MLP as a perfect show should not read these because I am giving my opinions and first amongst my opinions are that nothing is perfect. On that note, I try not to nitpick I only point out what I perceive as flaws that I cannot ignore.

Feedback is welcome when I get around to posting the reviews. :)

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Great to hear! It's always nice to see people trying to best to contribute their own efforts into the fandom even if they can't do as much of the artsy stuff... I know how it is, hehe...

But yeah, there is plenty to look at when you review a show. Are you just doing written reviews or do you do video reviews? Video reviews are more visually appealing and catches the attention of the audience more.

There's plenty to criticize and praise about the show, and many of it's episodes are not as good as others. But when you review an episode be sure to explain what happens in the show, give a brief explanation of how everything goes and make commentary as you go before finishing up with a full review. it gives the viewer a recap on what happened in the episode, you bring up points as they come up in the show itself, and then you polish it up with your final thoughts at the end on the episode as a whole.

If you'd like any help i'd be happy to assist in any way, i always love helping out people ^_^

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Sadly I do not do video reviews because I lack software, don't know how to use it anyways, and I don't think I have that... pizzazz one needs to do effective video reviews like the Nostalgia Critic and company.

My hook for written reviews are two things. Firstly, I write the reviews from the perspective of my stalker pony Spyglass (http://manymasksmany...smanyfaces&qo=5). He was created using this (http://generalzoi.de...rsion-254295904). I have also for one review expanded it to two other ponies to take over for Spyglass's absence, one sibling who sees only the good in things named Sunny Day and another who only sees the cons named Bluntie. It's an extenison of a game I like to play when passing callous judgment upon things, for every con add a pro. Sadly, of my reviews I have used the three only since season 2 episode 18. The other ones are alright, but I felt that the inclusion of ponies doing the reviewing gave it a character than just simple stating of opinion. Of course, I could be wrong. XD

My second hook is I do top tens. They are harder than you'd think not just because you have to evaluate something over another, but one also has to own their opinions. Things are easier to read, understand, and debate with top 10 lists.

Thanks for the offer for help Starfox64x. I could use an editor Pony Parker. :)

Also, for those who followed the link to my original reviews. Any posted there I intend to change if I were to post them here.

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And so it begins. I think I am going to start with my Canterlot Cut of my top ten list from season one. See any errors? Feel sorry for me, and then point them out condescendingly. No matter how one critiques me, I do not mind as this bro has booze. Stress? What's that? :D

When the episodes start back up I will do weekly (or as close as I can get) reviews unless I am incinerated by the admins which I am not seeking. I'm just doing this as a way to show my appreciation to ponies for being 20% cooler than the rest.

So, without further ado, Spyglass presents his top ten memories of his experiences from watching Twilight Sparkle arriving in Ponyville to the Grand Galloping Gala that the Wielders of Harmony attend.


Winter Wrap Up

Ah, Winter Wrap up. It's a time that reminds me why I don't socialize. I abhor pitching in to do anything much less the disorganized mess of Ponyville's Wrap Ups. I take my hot coco and just kick back and enjoy as the cheery atmosphere devolves into counterproductive bickering. It is rather interesting to see the saviors of the world fail at mundane tasks. Although, another aspect of this year's Wrap Up is why do they condemn the use of magic? Twilight is not the only unicorn in Ponyville (well, ones that actually show themselves) and if the unicorns could do magic then that might make the seasonal transition a bit smoother. On that note, putting Twilight down over using magic seems senseless.

Why not use magic? Why are the other ponies so against it on principle making Twilight look bad? They never give a reason. What are they afraid it'll make things more efficient? True, her using magic does make things worse in one instance, but that's because she was trying to hide it. Given time I bet Twilight could have come up with a better spell. Also, the ban on magic for this one day seems even odder to me that it's enforced. I am left curious as to why Twilight's friends don't trust her or her magic.

My favorite moment has to be when the ponies down in Ponyville sing and they sing and they sing sing sing sing sing!


Feeling Pinkie-Keen

Pinkie, oh Pinkie you are full of surprises. The only pony in Ponyville to ever catch me watching her, she made me suffer for it. I attempt to steer clear of her because with Pinkie, you just never know. Take her "Pinkie sense" for example. It's so random not even she understands it. As unsuspecting Twilight learns, if Pinkie is anything it's not categorizable. It is rather nice to see the ponies deal with a physical threat rather than just strictly emotional ones.

My favorite moment is the peak of Twilight's rage.


Suited for Success

I have a soft spot for Rarity. She makes my disguises, so she is invaluable to my little hobby. Also, another thing that strikes me as interesting about her and the Wielders of Harmony for that matter is how sometimes they do not always embody the values they are supposed to represent. Apple Jack lies on occasion. Fluttershy's stare may not always be the "kindest" thing. Pinkie can be depressed. Rainbow Dash can laugh at Loyalty. Finally, ometimes Rarity can be rather selfish. As for Twilight, magic is harder to pin down but I'll just say she fails her spells on occasion. She is a skilled spell caster, but not a prodigy. This is nice and makes them more interesting specimens of study. I need to figure out less creepy ways to say things.

But I digress, the reason I bring that up is to bring this up. When the phillies are actually acting in accordance to the element they represent, things still seem to back fire on them. Their resolve is tested. Rarities situation in preparing the dresses for her friends in an intriguing one. Everypony takes advantage of her kindness. How many friendships run cold because of this I can scarcely imagine since I do not partake in them. Seeing the other ponies beg for forgiveness and redeem themselves after realizing their mistake is rather sincere. Everyone wins out- except Rarity because she keeps doing things to get her name out there later on.

My favorite moment is when Apple Jack says, "Why is everypony looking at us like that?"


Boast Busters

What’s amazing about the Great and Powerful Trixie is how she leaves such an impression. Never heard of her and still haven't forgot her.

However, must say I wonder why so many buy into her boasting when the Princesses apparently raise celestial bodies daily (although, it is unconfirmed if the sun and moon would just do it on their own obeying natural laws of physics). Heck, there are moments when the ponies referring to Celestia in the manner of God. Yeah, looks like Trixie didn’t get that memo, or is she smarter than we give her credit for? Does she sees through the sham of Princess Celestia? That’s not the only frightening moment of revelation. As if to give us more reasons to fear bookworms, Twilight pulled off magic that I imagine made Celestia need to use the little phillies’ room. True she saves the town for now, but having demonstrated her true power, I’d be giving her a wide birth. On second thought, I’d at least be her friend so that she doesn’t enslave me when the time comes for her rise in power. Also, I should ask her to teach me how to zip people’s mouths at will. I want to be able to do that.

As for the moral she says she learns, the idea of stomping on people's livelihoods... Er, I mean as there being such thing as too humble is certainly something I don't see often. Maybe the GPT can find more steady work now that she's homeless thanks to those two idiot colts.

My favorite moment was the taming the Ursa Minor before it murdered us all!


Party of One

Pinkie Pie scares me. Not in that "please don't kill me" kind of way, but a chilling uncomfortable kind of terror that can only be felt in the presence of something evil. She lures one in with smiles and cupcakes, and then… well it depends on the mood she's in. I guess that's the best way to put it. Pinkie scares me because you never know what she'll do next. Remember, befriend the mentally unstable because if we do not they will truly come back to smite us all in our sleep. Truly a good lesson in friendship no? But the lesson to not jump to conclusions is also a good one as well.

My favorite moment was The Council of Insanity. Featuring Rocky, Mr. Turnip, Sir Lints-a-lot, and Madame LaFlour. Hiding in the same room gave me mortal terror and a rush of adrenaline all at once.


Mare in the Moon Part 1&2


Here chronicles the failure of the second Lunar Revolution leaving Equestria in the clutches of Princess Celestia now truly unopposed in her twisted concept of “harmony” (I think Empress would be more fitting). Unicorns reign over the other ponies. The Earth ponies slave in the fields with no chance of entering the enforced nobility of the Unicorn elite, and the Pegasi too have a stake in the war because the Unicorns have proven capable of changing the weather without them. All labor while the Unicorns party. Social utopia at its finest Celestia.

This entire sequence of events is terrible propaganda against Luna, our gracious Princess of the Night . Remember kiddies, if you have a problem just banish it to a celestial object. The Princess obviously condones it. As if to add insult to injury, Luna grovels at her sister’s feet begging for forgiveness despite her rightful declaration of injustice against the tyrant. This highlights an on running trend with our fair Princess Celestia. Whenever there is a problem, Princess Celestia ignores it until it grows past the point of reasoning. She also never finishes her work. She leaves ample opportunity for the unfriendly power that she banishes in some form or another to come back at some point to wreak havoc.

I can imagine Luna saying, " 'Meant to rule together?' Oh! Is that what we are meant to do? Well yeah good thing I get no appearances until next season. Yeah, love you too sis."

My favorite moment was when the wielders of harmony had Nightmare Moon TASTE THE RAINBOW!


Look Before You Sleep

One of the few times that I remember the Mane Six really have conflict amongst themselves. Why did I pick this memory above the Running of the Leaves? Well, the thing about that is that competition shows how similar Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash are. However, in this one showcases how resentfully different Apple Jack and Rarity are. This is a very relatable friendship problem to everyone who's ever had a friend that you'd never conceive having friendly relations with. Sometimes the hardest friends to hold onto are the ones that are the most different from you. It is funny to see clash of personalities of AJ and Rarity, but also serious as really this poses a dividing threat to their friendship. Seeing the two pull through it is a rather genuine moment.

The sleepover also stands one of the hardest events I have documented.

My favorite moment is their little pillow fight.


Griffon the Brush-Off

I did not like Pinkie Pie until I saw what occurred in full with Gilda the Griffon. Thanks to Pinkie letting anyone into her parties, I snuck in pretty easily.

However, back to the point. Pinkie… well, I cringed whenever I saw her before now because the only thing they offered was random nonsense (a song or cake or both). And after the events leading up to and including the party for Gilda, I realize something more horrifying than anything beyond the comprehension of ponies, nay mortal imagining. Pinkie Pie organizes the destruction of spirits and will. I did not believe it at first, and it was at this moment I realized that maybe the lives of the six ponies that beat Nightmare Moon might be worthwhile. Rather sentimental pick on my part, but hey these are my favorite memories here.

At least until after the party when Pinkie realizes I am a stranger. What followed I still try to suppress in my memories.

Speaking of, my favorite moment is the moment that Gilda realizes that she has been tricked.


The Cutie Mark Chronicles

In watching from secret the many ponies of Ponyille, one group I've found surprisingly dull is the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They have a common plight and I like them. However, while I find their exploits humorous I also find them rather insignificant. The time they were threatened by the Cockatrice they were secondary to Fluttershy's learning to not bite off more than she could chew. The talent show preparation demonstrated their true talents, the show rather annoyed me with the song. I didn’t really find it charming nor funny just painful, had to clean out my ears for weeks.

I like each of the stories of how the Wielders of Harmony got their Cutie Marks.

My favorite moment is a tough one. Each of the cutiemark stories are great revealing lots about the main ponies.

Pinkie Pie turns into a complete psychopath.

Fluttershy sings about how it’s a small world after all.

Rarity discovers that rocks teach you more about yourself than school, and additionally what Pinkie Pie’s family was missing to elevate them past their socioeconomic status. So Rarity's use for the rock makes me rather… question how generous she is.

Apple Jack decides modern times are for pansies.

Rainbow proves she was and always will be the most awesome pony in this plane of existence or otherwise.

But the best has to be Celestia once again proving that she needs to wrangle any threats to her power base. I have to admit, turning people into potted plants at will is another power I wish I had. I'm starting to think have issues worse than I initially thought.

And finally, #1


The Best Night Ever

Whata way to top off the experience in stalking… I mean observing a particular set of ponies. I think I might follw these phillies more often, they know how to party my kind of way that's for sure. It turns out infiltrating the Gala is rather easy. Turn up in a tux and they think you are invited. Thank you Rarity and anonymous names! And all night entertainment I must say. Some people floated around to other social circles, I floated around the castle to see the other ponies crack- most notably a rather frightening Fluttershy and a peeved Rarity.

After seeing them fall apart separately it was nice to see them together again ignoring the collateral damage to their reputations. See everyone, as long as you don't care, go nuts in life as long as your friends live to laugh about it. Does anyone else find it offensive that Derpy is invited to the Grand Galloping Gala but not Princess Luna? I guess Celestia sent out the invitations.

My favorite moment was Fluttershy only wanting a hug, or else...

Now, I start posting when I can reviews I have with Spyglass reviewing from Season 2 edited for this site.

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Honorable mentions

A Friend in Deed- the only thing I really like is the Smile song.

It's About Time- Sleepless in Ponyville.

Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- You've got opportunity in this great community!


10.) The Last Round Up

A rather dramatic turn from the usual affair around here.

It's bad enough that a certain pegasus, whom I stopped following around because of the bodily harm, is wreaking havoc as per usual.

And so Apple Jack will surely go to the rodeo, win first prize at everything, and return with enough money to spare. Wait, she doesn't? Huh, that's interesting. There is then a pretty compelling mystery as to why she doesn't come back where everyone gets a moment- Pinkie Pie moreso than others. The reasons why Apple Jack didn't come back do fit with her as a pony, and I don't mind them. Same with her friends. I can't help but wonder about this selective supportiveness of the friends though. I remember back to the Winter Wrap up where everyone was just oh so supportive of Twilight using magic, but I digress as that is not such a big issue. I have other things that just don't sit well with me. They just sort of ignore the fact that there still is no money to fix the building and Apple Jack never finished her commitment with Cherry Jubilee. Heck, the heroines pretty much ruined a crop of cherries then bolted. Finally, I dislike how they "call for desperate times", and how they take advantage of AJ's kindness by putting her with Pinkie. It's terribly funny but malicious. Really, it's uncalled for. No one should be subjected to that torture. It also paints poor Madame Pinkie in a negative light, that the others are really annoyed by her.

I have many favorite moments, but for the sake of fairness I will choose one. As much as Pinkie being herself throughout the entire ordeal cracked me up, AJ's reconciliation with every pony was more touching. Big Mac cries Stallion tears.

The Pinkie Promise... As much as I like AJ telling a white lie, I also love the consequences of a Pinkie Promise. Pure rage friends, pure vindictive rage.

(Author's note)

I apologize dear readers. I do feel bad about my… overreaction to Derpy's canon appearance. I did get a bit heated over something that's rather insignificant. The voice is the only thing that bothers me, it didn't sit well with me the first time I heard it, but I've slowly grown accustomed to it. Although, that doesn't justify getting onto peoples cases about it. I cringe at what I wrote as much as I do to Derpy's voice. However, that I am siding with Hasbro over the "change her voice" controversy since they wanted to avoid lawsuits. I really need to just let this lie and not get so passionate about a TV show designed to sell toys in the future.

Creators and fans ideally should respect each other as much as they respect herself. Fans should respect creator's artistic integrity as well as their artistic license and if something like litigation comes up understand why the creators made their decisions. However, creator should not hide behind artistic license. I respect creators who are honest with their fans and level with them about complaints. They should never feel at odds with their fanbase, it's a mutual relationship.



9.) Family Appreciation Day

Life does not prepare you for some of the things that occur in Ponyville.

If one day someone told me that I would find myself following Granny Smith I'd scoff at them. However, here I am learning not just about dear ol' Granny but the foundation of Ponyville? I am as enthralled as those kids in that class. Never thought that that old coot could be more interesting, sadly again, than the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Although, to be fair the time the Crusaders worked for the newspaper they were interesting.). I do like the CMC's efforts to get Granny out of town though so it's not like they get some fun moments. I wonder though why can't Diamond Tiara just get made into glue since she'd serve no other purpose in life. Would have been a better cutiemark than what she got. Eh, that's me being vindictive.

My favorite moment is Granny Smith's story about the foundation of Ponyville. Nice to see the young Granny doing something that actually impacts everyone! I just have one word to say, respect.


8.) May the best pet win

Huh, I never noticed that Rainbow never had a pet. Never really seemed like a big deal. It was only a big deal because she felt left out from the lack of one. And then, when presented with opportunity to hold a contest Rainbow cannot resist seeing the result. The end result also shows that while she may not always see it initially, Rainbow values loyalty even over ability. I was disappointed I did not see much more of that turtle. The competition was nice, and I did cheer when RD was saved by Tank. I needed something to cheer about since I had to follow that race without wings. Two words, not fun.

My favorite moment is Tank joining the other pets and ponies with its new owner.


7.) Baby Cakes

I've… dealt with babies. They test your responsibility (and patience) as well as ones ability to adapt to changing circumstances because babies do not play by rules. Just like with Pinkie, thankfully too distracted by the antics of the infants to notice me, looking after children can be frustrating beyond words. However, it can be rewarding in ways that can only be experienced first hand. The kids are cute and I do wonder why they are prodigies with their respective talents. It was amusing, but I just find myself wondering is this normal as I don't normally find myself observing young foals.

My favorite moment is the babies out creepy Pinkie and then make her laugh with her own trick. Cute does not begin to cover it.


6.) Sisterhooves Social

I may be friendless, but I have a sister. And… I have done things in the past I regret, worst than what Rarity does to Sweetie Belle. The way things play out for the sisters hit home for me. It makes me remember things that nothing else during my experiences did. It was nice to have the sisters fall apart and make amends leaving on good terms. There is a genuineness to their reconciliation. Rarity going through the "damage" and seeing she was going all drama queen over nothing helped to add to this effect.

My favorite moment is when Rarity really takes a look at Sweetie Belle's art project and it hits her how much her sister cares for her.


5.) Dragon Quest

Spike is an odd ball in Ponyville. A dragon, but no one seems to pay any mind to that fact. Really, Spike fits in perfectly amongst us ponies. Of course the reason is he was raised by ponies, but the point still remains. So Spike goes off on a journey of self discovery and comes back home with not only a reaffirmed sense of identity but a baby phoenix. Not bad all in all.

There is a lot of things going on here not just with Spike but Twilight and Rarity. Sadly, Rainbow found herself along for the ride. Spike finds himself closer to Twilight and Rarity of separate reasons. Spike feels less like a pet of sorts to Twilight. There is a greater respect than before. Same goes for Rarity who treats him less condescendingly and more like an equal. Considering they have a strong undercurrent about them, this is a step forward. Not a large or dramatic one, but even small steps can lead to bigger steps.

For the record, I do like the time that Spike went through all the stages of dragon development (greedier he gets the bigger he grows, and I though I had problems). While us ponies only get a nice little picture on our flanks, dragons become building sized death machines. Huh, that's what they call a stark contrast there everypony. However, the only thing that really stood out to me that day asides from nearly being stomped and the fact that Celestia failed to notice such a rampage was the mutual feelings between Spike and Rarity were so strong they went unsaid. Really, that's it. Sure they have to work to stop Spike from killing them all yet that just sort of stems from the situation. Not much changes from the status quo.

I could argue with that voice in my head that says technically nothing changes in the status quo after Spike finishes his quest, but I’d disagree for now. The events of dragon quest was an informative study on dragons, how Spike was different, and hopefully leads to something meaningful in the future. Sometimes looking to the future with promise can be as meaningful as an impactful present.

My favorite moment… while I cannot unsee Crackles I cannot forget how Spike stands up to the dragons he previously sought acceptance from thus indicating that he actually learned something.


4.) Lesson Zero

A turning point not just for Twilight, but seemingly the courses of later events in the lives of our fair ponies in Ponyville. It starts off, like all good things, rather inconspicuously. Just your average ordinary day. In fact, I was wondering if this was going anywhere. And then, as if things could not get any better something happens. Twilight realizes she has not gotten a letter to the Princess this week. Simple enough. She can't seem to find one though. What occurs next is…

Where's Smarty Pants? I want, no need Smartyp…

Oh, I'm sorry I have episodes like that often. Please disregard. Dr. Shrink says just to let them run their course. Where was I? Oh, Twilight shows she as much of a threat to Ponyville as Nightmare Moon or Discord. Well, that's comforting. I find myself not wanting to learn that spell though, more attention than I'd like. Now Twilight knows how Pinkie feels on a daily basis.

My favorite moments are from the instance Twilight realizes the clock is ticking on her imagined deadline to her casting the "Want it, Need it" spell. I had to cast a silence spell upon myself to keep her from noticing me.


#3 & #2- Return of Harmony vrs. A Canterlot Wedding

Because of the difficulty in picking one over the other I decided to do a head to head battle to decide for me.

One of the great strengths of both disasters is the antagonists against ponykind.

Both villains have strengths but have shortcomings. They are similar in that both are defeated by the very things they do not understand- Discord is beat by harmony and Chrysalis by love while they were in a moment of overconfidence. It was nice to see Chrysalis not defeated by the Elements, and gives her an opportunity to come back.

Discord much more indirect in his mind games. Very deliberate planning all to remove the only threat against him- the Elements of Harmony. He does so very effectively by dividing and conquering, leaving the leader for last. He is also legitimately funny. However, once he wins he becomes complacent and basically lets himself lose. He just seemed smarter than that especially since he appeared near omnipotent.

Queen Chrysalis and her army of changlings present a legitmate threat to a Equestria that is completely powerless once the Princesses and Element of Harmony are neutralized. It is also very awesome to see a legitimate battle, even if Equestria's defenders lose. Although, Queen Chrysalis' plan is where things start to dim for her. Firstly, who gives the warning that Canterlot may be in danger? The reason that this is important is because we do not know if this is part of the Queen's plan or not. Secondly, the Queen despite her infiltration of Canterlot does not seem to be a master actress but an opportunist. She does not sow the seeds of distrust she merely takes advantage of them. The only reason Twilight gets onto her though is because she is around False Cadence frequently and can sense something is wrong which I chalk up more to Twilight's brilliance than the Queen's. And then finally, once the Queen controlled Shining Armor she has no reason to delay dropping the barrier and invading. So, in short, she is the converse of Discord. She is more interesting after revealing her true form but before you are questioning her every decision, at least I was.

In the end I like them both, but I prefer Discord's escapades more overall because it works more cohesively. Discord had a plan that had a reason to prolong to be made realized and really he completely won. Chrysalis can sing and look good. Although, Discord has looks and could safely relish in his victory for more than a minute before he is defeated by his own shortsightedness.


#3= A Canterlot Wedding

The Changelings are a nice, cool looking threat and it's nice to see Celestia and the Wielders of Harmony fail for once. I like the subtly of the Changelings. How does Queen Chrysalis know of the gem caves? Is there a link between the changelings and the greedy unicorns of the past? Also, I like how the real Cadence is beat up and seemingly tortured when Twilight found her. Usually this is not the case with damsels in cartoons. It almost looked like the only thing that kept Cadence alive was her love for Shining Armor. The princess' condition is a good reason for her to not just fly them out of the caves at least not at first. It's also nice to see the Princess rescuing her love than the other way around in storybooks.

My favorite moment is not just any moment that Luna shows up but when the Main Six have their epic, valiant battle that is ultimately futile.

- Arnham Knights (Metal of Honor: Frontline)

(Author's note: if you want to do something fun, do what Linkara did with his Power Rangers In Space review and play the last verse of David Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure" from the moment when Shining Armor tries to reapply his barrier in episode 26. It might take some tinkering, but it's cool to see the sync of a song about giving love a chance with the whole love conquers all bit. That's why, while nearly a cop out, I don't mind how they resolve the whole thing.)

And #2 is Return of Harmony mostly because that's what my gut is telling me and one cannot go wrong with gaseous flesh?

Both adventures are well paced, but Discord's meddling seemed tighter and more focused to me. While the Wedding had a lot of elements come out of no where (not counting changelings since they are meant to surprise) whereas Discord seemed more connected to previous events.


Part 1 was the first episode I ever watched of the series from beginning to end so it has that sentimental factor. Without knowing a single thing about ponies I was completely engrossed.



1.) Luna Eclipsed

We go from the heights of exhilaration to the depths of the soul.

I do not know about any other pony, but no other instance before or since Nightmare Night have I felt more compassion, emotion, nor empathy for anything in my life. I was with the beautiful Princess Luna all the way. When she was confused at the reactions she was getting, I understood her frustrations before she told Twilight why. When she earnestly began trying to redeem herself in the eyes of her subjects, I dreaded the inevitable backfire not because it would side track the story but how much it would devastate such a sincere effort. When the princess of the night felt joy in connecting with the ponies who previously feared her, I felt a sense of great satisfaction of a journey completed. It was as if I went on a soul search myself.

It was in these moments I realized that Princess Luna chose to become Nightmare Moon out of loneliness, especially when she rather reluctantly shifted forms back to Nightmare Moon mode. Her desperation stemmed from seeing all other options exhausted and she walked a path that she never believed herself capable of. However, I assume all ponies know what they say about desperate times and desperate measures. All of Luna's efforts as Nightmare Moon seem not fueled by malice but reluctance. Her efforts to stop the friends from finding the Elements of Harmony seem rather half-hearted. Her overall plan to drown the world in everlasting night is not thought out and a decision made out of blind anger, not pre-meditated animosity. Each obstacle she presents is easily overcome. I believe that while the identity of Nightmare Moon consumed Luna's thoughts from a millennia of isolation she still retained a bit of herself. The Elements of Harmony's blast saved her from herself helping her realize her mistakes, not punish her as it does Discord. I find it fabulous that Luna then sought to atone for the grievances she committed against ponykind. She sought to bridge the gap between her and her subjects. She does reach them on a rather out-of-the-box angle, but I think the point is clear. She has found a way to reach her people in a relateable and lighthearted way that did not take away from who she was.

My favorite moment is Luna giving out a cheery laugh after giving Rainbow Dash a dose of karma, doubly ironic since Dash wore a Shadowbolt uniform. That laugh has heartwarming genuineness that signals the end of her quest. She has achieved what she set out to do.

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