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Colonel Aristotle

They want strength? We’ll give it to them. Strength of arms, strength of character, and strength of resolve!

Name: Colonel Aristotle Ironwing, Alpha Squadron, IV Order, Her Majesty’s Honor Guard (Ret.), aka Dio's dad.

Sex: Male

Age: Older stallion, late 50s or early 60s by human years.

Species: Pegasus

RP Color: #804000

Pelt Color: Brown pelt, white fetlocks

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Salt and pepper mane and forelock, longer, but trimmed and taken care of. Black tail with streaks of grey beginning to appear with age. Wings are also brown, with white pinion feathers.

Eye Color: Brown

Cutie Mark: Crossed longsword and maul (hammer) in silhouette, in gold. The hammer symbolizes strength of character and body while the sword symbolizes sharpness of tongue and intellect.

Physique: While not in prime athletic condition, Aristotle is fit and healthy for his age. Carries himself like he’s still in the Honor Guard.

Origin: Born in Cloudsdale. Currently living in Canterlot. Occasional trips to Cloudsdale and Trottingham to visit old Army friends.

Occupation: Officially retired. Remains in Canterlot as a negotiator and advisor on Griffon politics. Formerly commander of Alpha Squadron, IV Order, Her Majesty's Honor Guard.

Motivation: A strong family and a strong legacy. Making sure his successors don’t screw up the work he did. Maintaining strength of moral character in spite of temptation otherwise.

Likes: Swapping stories about his military days, a good debate, Rockwington Scotch, Hoofington Pale Ale, chai, watching Wonderbolt aerobatics performances, thunderstorms, good company, Portobello mushrooms

Dislikes: Military-bashing ponies, poor-quality alcohol, bureaucratic red tape, cherries, sky pirates, obstinate parties in negotiation, cowards

Character History

If there ever was a stallion’s stallion, it would be Aristotle Ironwing. One look at him will tell you exactly which side of the family Diomedes’ size comes from. The big Pegasus is the veteran of years of service in the Royal Equestrian Army as an Honor Guard commander. In his day, Aristotle reported directly to Princess Celestia, serving as her envoy to the Griffon lands. In the early days of Griffon-Pony political relations, the Griffons respected might and charisma over concession and diplomacy, necessitating the use of a military unit to represent Equestria diplomatically.

Despite his rough outward appearances, Aristotle is neither a cold-blooded killer nor a brawny jingoist. He is highly intelligent and team-oriented, as well as a family stallion, making him one of the most capable, professional, and motivated commanders the Honor Guard has ever had. Still, time has caught up with Aristotle and he is not as strong or as quick as he used to be. He is currently retired and living in Canterlot on government pension. However, since Aristotle is still an expert negotiator and subject matter expert on Griffon politics, he is regularly called in to advise the current bureaucrats and the princesses.

Aristotle is still a proud pegasus. He sometimes forgets that he has limits both in physical strength and authority. He runs and flies every day to keep himself fit, but does not know when to quit at times. He lives alone and refuses to hire help. Aristotle is not a fan of the new breed of Equestrian military bureaucrats, seeing them more as scheming, short-sighted cowards than intelligent strategists. In spite of the "changing of the guard," Aristotle still holds deep respect for the Princesses, even Luna, as he knows they hold more knowledge in their millenia of existence than he'll probably have by the end of his lifetime.

Aristotle’s late wife Nausicaa Cloudrunner was a Wonderbolt (Generation 2). Nausicaa was famous for her elegant choreography and technical virtuosity. However, she was killed in a tragic training accident when Diomedes was still very young. Aristotle raised his son alone, enrolling him at Cloudsdale Academy when he was of age. Even with his busy career, he made every effort to visit his son when possible, forging a strong relationship with his only child.

Even after the incidents at Academy, Aristotle reinforced the need for Diomedes to stand up for himself and find his own place in the world, regardless of how long it took or how many obstacles stood in the way. When Diomedes failed to qualify for the weather team, Aristotle did his best to help his son out, using his connections to help Diomedes find a job with Pony Mail. Even though he no longer lives with his father, Diomedes still writes home to Canterlot regularly. Aristotle sees the letters as one of the little joys in his life.

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I like this. I think you've got enough bio that I've got a very good feeling for the character- he has a lot of ties with the Mane cast, but seeing as he's retired that plays out in a very appropriate way. I really like to see that there are older OC's popping up in the RP.

I actually forgot this character was Dio's father after I read it. Father or not, I think this OC would be a very interesting influence on Dio.

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Added a little more material on his motivations and personality. Relationship with his wife and Dio will be forthcoming.

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Like I said before, I like it. Whoever (likely Ashi) moves it into its sorted group can take a final look at the Celestia references and government bricks you've laid out here, but I dont foresee it being any kind of problem; your just laying some foundation where we don't have much yet.


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