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So now that my quest for justice has been completed, I figured I'd give myself a little plug here and introduce my still VERY fresh ask pony blog.

http://ask-pharm-party.tumblr.com/ features my earth pony OC in his daily life of dealing with a track record of dysfunctional relationships, a possibly haunted work place, and a tendency to be a little bit snide.

The story follows as him starting the ask blog, questions appearing and being addressed when hes near a camera. Some scenes are shown away from the camera, and although don't have questions accompanying them are still tied in to questions and comments in some way.

The blog is open to interaction with other blogs provided I and the other artist collaborate before hand.

Updates generally happen two to three times a week, give or take based on technical difficulties and schedule.

If this thread breaks any rules or comes off as just a worthless plug, go ahead and delete it.


Hope to see you around and hope the story can grow from this!

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