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Brigadoon-esque role play event


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So, I thought of something that might make a fun limited-roleplay event in World of Equestria (and if not, I can move this to just regular old crossovers)

if you're not familiar with the musical Brigadoon, it involves a town in Scotland that only appears once every 200 years, and then for just one day. Once it is gone, the inhabitants have to leave too. But it occurred to me that if we made this into something with show canon, and adjusted the timeline to be either before or after Luna's meltdown into Nightmare Moon.

Then someone could REASONABLY and canonically play StarSwirl the Bearded (and/or ponies we saw in the show during other flashback sequences depending on what the official stance on timeline is), even if for just one day. it might also be a good way to fill in some of the board canon history. Sure, we might not have heard of, for example "Lucky Leaf, the unicorn who expanded the forest far enough to the southeast that it reached the river, enabling Ponyville to eventually be built there and support crops", but that doesn't mean there aren't historical figures that could potentially be interesting, if not important enough to have entire wings named after them. After all, many of us have brought up ruins in applications or towns that became accepted into board canon without being on the show, and this might be a great way to expand upon more history in there.

Think of how comfortable Luna would be in her element again! People would understand the Royal Canterlot Voice! :D The EverFree Forest might be an ENTIRELY different place to these ponies since it had a castle to the princesses.

The appearing town could even be a representation of the little village we saw in the opening of the very first episode!

I would not be surprised at all if this made its way into the show, given the sources the writers and animators pull from, and their unabashed love of the 80s. A similar concept was used both in that horrid It's Punky Brewster Cartoon and Gummi bears.

But if you feel this should be totally shut down and should just be a crossover role play, please feel free to move it to Crossover OOC. I just brought it up here because it had the potential to be something that could be worked into actual board canon.

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