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Hollow draws way too many ponies.


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I'm new around here, so you guys probably don't know that I live and breathe art. At least, most of the time!

A direct link to my DA pony gallery, and a direct link to my commissions sheet.

My most recent, as of this posting:


My "best pony works", at least, in my opinion.

Discord and Applejack


Princess Celestia in The Last Unicorn style


Hearts N Hooves Day with the CMC


Christmas 2011


MLP Hockey


Beachball's Family


My favorite commission:


Currently I'm only drawing commissions for now because of drama with my previous pony forum. But I'll get back to drawing ponies eventually. :)

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how did I know you'd be an artist? I saw you posting around the other day, and I was like "this kid is probably good at drawing :l"


*super jelly-ness, activate*

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No need to be jealous, I've been drawing for 11 years now. Admittedly I didn't get too serious with it until about three years ago, but still.

Unfortunately no art update, but I'll link an old picture for the heck of it!

Cheerilee in her 80s garb, done in MSPaint:


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