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Hello, Canterlot

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First off, I'm not a troll! I like to run, swim, and drill. Just wondering, any other ROTC bronies out there? Favorite things... favorite food is beans and rice. Favorite sport is drill. Favorite hobby is drawing, especially ponies. I like videogames and listening to music.

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Howdy! Welcome ta canterlot! well, now aint it lovely ta see another writer! what kind of writin do ya do? mine is adventure/steampunk/sci-fi/ and just a little teeny tiny bit grimdark as far as the dream chapter goes. im still writing it, but i get ideas and im makin progress. how 'bout you!? you have anythin' written out for me ta read?! i love reaadin and id love ta read your stories!

PM me if ya need ANYTHIN' id be more than happy ta help bud! again, a warm welcome ta canterlot! i hope you enjoy your stay! have fun :)

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