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Making Signatures! No Cost!


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Self explanitory. I'm not part of the staff, but I DO like making sigs. Nuff said. So, who wants one? Request Template:





Note, I DO NOT draw. I CAN NOT draw. And, if anypony wants to join, just PM me! ;-) Awesome Ponies (crew members): DubstepDashie, LadeeKaze

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Transporting this from the MLP forums, huh?

Why, yes. I am. Ezynell's not on Canterlot, so might as well.

hm, well i'll take one since you're offering. how about my OC? as for what you do with it, just do whatever you do best, hehe


Sure! On it!

I'm tempted to offer to do occasional ones on here, so if I see like, a request that I'm interested in, I might just nab it up and do it... if OP is okay with that?

An example of what I can do is well... my current signature.

Ok! Editing you in now!
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Oh jeez. The Canterlot moon is really filling up with banished people :/

Kaze, if you're still working on this, could I get one with Scootaloo, Octavia, and Big Mac? Sounds random, I know...

Or just the CMC would be cute too :D

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