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My Glasses!

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blog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngblog-0675495001346207738.pngDay 2

So...my first day of school went pretty well. Everypony in my class was very helpful with today's assignment since I was feeling a little lost. A friend kindly bought me one of my favorite drinks from the vending machine and I even found a twenty dollar bill lying on the sidewalk. There was only one word that could describe such a day like this. In the words of RainbowDash...simply, awesome. ...Well that is until I BROKE MY GLASSES! How, you ask? It happened when I came back home from school. I set my glasses down because I am nearsighted so when it comes to reading a book I don't really need my specs, you see. I went to grab something to drink from the fridge. Came back sat down only to feel something snap underneath me. Completely awful!! NOW I HAVE TO WALK AROUND SQUINTING. ITS UNFAIR! UNFAIR I TELL YOU!! Well..I guess I'm going to just...lie in a corner and sob away. But I guarantee you..

Im buying new specs. First chance I get...

-Rocket Flare

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Speaking as someone with glasses too, I would feel simply aweful if I broke mine! Hope you can get yours fixed soon RF, cause walking around squinting is no fun at all.

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