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Song of the Day: 06/02/18: The Dark Sentencer - Coheed and Cambria



Words cannot accurately describe HOW excited I am for this song. Not only is it a song by my all time favourite band ever, it marks the teasing beginning of a new saga in Coheed and Cambria's repertoire. The last album, The Colour Before The Sun was awesome, but it was also a departure from the norm in that it was the first non-concept album to date (not counting albums from when they were Shabutie). Before then, their previous albums had followed the store of The Amory Wars, a story and comic series written by their lead singer Claudio Sanchez. This new saga will likely prove to be just as amazing and thought provoking. I could go into the premise we were given here, but you can click through to the Youtube video to give it a looksee there. Without further ado, enjoy!



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