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  1. it's nt just bronies. Dhx artists do it, too. Nightmare Moon is black Tirek is black and Red Chrysalis is black I think bronies picked up making their own charas black and red as a case of "monkey see, monkey do", becase those that DHX did are the cool guy, and black and/ or red is cool for their own charas
  2. https://youtu.be/1ZDIeeFj5UY Just a video of strips of a webcomic I did some time ago (link in video to dA is dead, but strips of webcomic are linked in my sig). I'm wondering, if you like the story and art style, would people be more inclined to invest in the comic if I made fan "episodes" /video of them? Tell me what you guys think.
  3. you DO know that a cameo would be done in g4 style, don't you?
  4. If DHX went beyond past gen references (see "Too Many Pinkie Pie's") to past generation ponies, and decided 5 bring some in for cameos likely in the "Exploring Equestria" arc, in season 6- which pony from past generations would you want to see in the FiM generation? How would writers put them into the episode? I can see a homage to conventions being done, at least once, since everyone in any pop culture fandom is familiar with cons. Toola Roola from Generation 3 (an adorable, pink, artist Earth pony) would be easiest to fit in such a scenario. Pinkie, being friends with everypony, could spot Toola Roola selling her art in Artists Alley part of the con. Maybe alongside Derpy (who we could find out is a writer, and her cutie mark bubles represent thought bubbles) Which past gen pony would wou want cameo'd in gen 4 and how would YOU incorporate them in the episode?
  5. It sems if any character would know more on, or be willing to help with Spike's dragon family, or continuing his journey of self discovery, it would be Disord of Zecora. I say either these two because Discord and Spi I e haven't really interacted as friends, and Discord is a Draonequuis (literally dragon pony). Zecora, on the other hoof, knew about dragon growth, in 'Secret to my Excess', which points to her having studied or come into contact with other dragons before. Better yet, an entire arc around these three together, working out whatever differences they might have, finding answers to things together might be a nice fresh twist for FiM
  6. Merry Twistmas! Merry Mintymas! And merry Draconequuimas, too What are your thoughts on there being non traditional seasonal holidays made up and celebrated by pony fans, rather than traditional Christmas or Hearths Warming?
  7. I remember, back when Pokemon-The power of One came out in theatres, I received a promo card when I purchased my ticket. Can you guys see Hasbro doing the same, 15 years later, and offerring special freebies for first purchasers of tickets, to the MLP movie in 2017? What promo goodie would you want to receive? Could Hasbro doing this boost ticket sales in the first week?
  8. Am I the only one who wants to see Hasbro make shorts, like they did with EqG, but for the ONLY mlp gen (gen 2) that didn't get a series, just for nostalgia's sake? (Also, a mini series of subsequent shorts that featured cherry picked ponies from every gen, in the same universe) Can you guys see Hasbro doing this?
  9. How it it possible to even reform a spirit of chaos, without changing everything it's supposed to embody? It's impossible, because he's not evil, just chaotic.
  10. The pony from "Trade Ya", with the wheels on his back legs? He seems like a far better match than Dr Whoovs, more grounded, and if ever their ship took off with fans, like he would be more focused on Derpy rather than his science projects, like dr hooves seems to be. His serious, know how to put his hoof down, but not being a jerk personality compliments Derpy's more acident prone, goofy nature
  11. thank you for being so unimaginative, sir killjoy. Anyway, I doubt that it wad "just an attack". Sunset Shimmer's attas, when she transfirmed in movie 1 looked just like an energy ball. Sunny and SciTwi's attacks in movie 3 looked like energy blasts. Neither attacks in movie 1 or 3 created/ summoned an animated horse to shoot its own attack at the bad guy.
  12. I've been wondering about that giant celestial, rainbow maned alicorn that the mane 7 were able to...summon? Create? During Rainbow Rocks, for some time now. It's really bugging me, to be honest. I mean, yeah, it appearred in the human world, but that was due to magic. Do you guys think that that rainbow cosmic alicorn thing exists in Equestria as well? What about in other MLP AU's? Was is like a God-like celestial entity that was simply summoned from the high heavens to blast its divine judgment upon whoever opposes the ones who summon it, or is it something created by friendship and harmony? Can it exist as its own presence/force in an alternate world with more magic, to sustain itself? What is this thing even called? Should we name it, or do you think it already has some sort of divine name? (Personally, I want to name it "Arcus Astrana" Arcus, being latin for "rainbow", and Astrana being a fusion of "astra", meaning "stars", and "Mana", which is food from God.)
  13. So....what exactly was the main moral of the movie? Yeah, there's the blatantly obvious "stop being stupid and messing with dangerous sh*t you don't know anything about, open your mouth and ASK, if you want answers" lesson, but I feel, like with Sunset, constantly undervaluing her own efforts and potential, the Shadowbolts relying on SciTwi's magic to win the games for them (in spite knowing that they've always relied on their own effort to win, every other year), and Gigantic idiot SciTwi, herself, relying on someone else's influence to detrmine her future, the clear lesson (that was overshadowed by everything else) should've been to have confidence in your own abilities, and go for what you wang, on your own strength and determination. Only Sunny seemed to remember it, though, at the end
  14. so it's ok for pony Twilight to ave a long distance reltionship with her friends that she made in the human world, but not Sunset? Sunny has to stay within arm's reach of her friends to show that she's not turning her back on them? Guess in the pony world, Coco Pommel, Gilda, Double Diamond, Moondancer, Party Favor, Cheese Sandwich, And the others who've befriended the mane 6 must feel utterly abandoned, because their friends aren't nearby. Because that's how friendship must work.
  15. so the human world is just supposed to have 2 Sunny's running around. Not to mention, since yoh brought it up, DHX writing her blaming herself (though, it's more Starswirl's fault, imo) and her being in that world for being the cause of all the magical chaos that's putting her own friends in harm's way, anyway? So they're the ones who heavy-handedly implied it. You'd think Sunny going back to where she originally came from would only be for the greater good. (Seeing as how she'd be takin the magic back to Equestria, and preventing any further happennings with magic, but-as Twi said in movie 1, having the "magic" of friendship remaining, in a figurative sense)
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