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  1. And it's finally done, everypony! I hope you enjoy! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/238800/youve-been-acting-strange-these-last-few-days
  2. Link is in the first post, but here it is again: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/238800/youve-been-acting-strange-these-last-few-days
  3. I figured it would have some instrumental added to it to beef it up. I'd be honored to see/hear what you do! I'd love to hear anything you come up with! This is the first time I've taken potential song lyrics to the music phase, and I'm very excited! Thank you both!
  4. I probably wasn't, but I think Rainbow Daring Dash was thinking of adding to it. Thank you!
  5. OK, I finally got around to recording an acapella demo. (Please excuse the voice, I'm not a great singer...) The Pony Who Comes For Us All Acapella Demo.mp3
  6. I saw it as mournful myself, but I'd be interested to hear a more upbeat take, perhaps with a hopeful ending
  7. I would absolutely love to hear it! (Trust me, I'm sure you're a better singer than me...) Incidentally, This is not a tune I had in mind for it, but this song is what brought about the entire story. If this makes any sense, the feel of this song fits the genre I was picturing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNI8aI0srxg
  8. I'd be honored! I mostly imagined it with an electric guitar sound, though I'm afraid I couldn't explain much about tempo or so on. As far changing the lyrics to fit the flow, go ahead. I was unsure of how the first verse flowed with the rest of it. I can er... try... to do something of a demo if you like, at least for a vocal. Thank you so much! I would love to hear your take on it!
  9. While writing my new fanfic, I found myself in need of a song about losing someone you love to suicide and the guilt that follows. (Dark, I know. It comes from a very personal place.) Anyway, I didn't really want to use or modify an existing song, so I took a stab at some lyrics myself, I'd love to know what y'all think. Mind you, I'm not really a musician so bear with me here... I envisioned this as a bluesy ballad (in context it's the opening track on a blues album Vinyl has given Octavia). Honestly, if anyone felt like taking a stab at music for it, bluesy or otherwise, I'd be honored. Thanks for looking! “The Pony Who Comes For Us All” We ran forever through golden fields, You were my love, I was your shield. Until you heard the beckoning call Of the pony who comes for us all. Looking back, I can’t forget that day I had found that you’d slipped away, That you had gone and answered the call of the pony who comes for us all. If I had been there just to give hope, Would you have not used that rope? If I had given you a better day, Would you have tossed those pills away? Had I been a better equine, Would you not have crossed the line? Just to answer that siren call Of the pony who comes for us all? They say you went by your own will, I can only guess you had had your fill. I wonder now what I could have done, For just a day, yes, even one, To stop you from heeding the call Of the pony who comes for us all.
  10. Hi, everypony! I'm nearly finished with my first MLP fic, an Octavia/Vinyl fic called You've Been Acting Strange the Last Few Days. Description: "Doctor" Duke Beatz, Vinyl's DJ idol, is visiting his friend Neon Lights in Ponyville when he meets his admiring fan. Her reputation precedes her, and he shortly invites her to join him and Neon on an exciting new project... but how will this fantastic opportunity affect Vinyl... and Octavia, who is facing her own issues preparing for a command performance with the Equestrian Orchestra for Princess Luna? Between the Doctor and a very temperamental guest conductor, both musicians will have a lot to handle. Feedback is very much appreciated! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/238800/youve-been-acting-strange-these-last-few-days
  11. About Myself Hi, everypony! My name is Seth, I am a fic writer, amateur voice actor, cosplayer, occasional role player, and I love being a brony :-) How I found Canterlot.com Google! (Hoping I've found a site where people reply often... How I became a fan of MLP:FiM It all goes back to cosplay! When a good friend of mine made a fursuit of Rainbow Dash, it just pulled me in from there. I actually explored a lot of fan work (particularly fan music and fanfiction) before checking out the series proper, and I'm now about half way through season 4. My favorite main cast/pony Eeeg. Hmm. Tough. I love Dash's attitude. Twilight didn't start as a possible favorite, but she's grown on me in a big way. Pinkie's enthusiasm and singing is infectious, and Applejack always has her head on straight. I have a kindred sewing/perfectionist spirit in Rarity. Fluttershy is probably the only one I don't relate to very well, but I still love her. That being said, I love Luna, Vinyl Scratch, and Octavia above them all. LOL. I would love to meet some fellow cosplayers, fic writers, and bronies in general. I'd love to get feedback on my writing as well, but I won't spam you here, I'll post a link in the fan works section later. Glad to be here!
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