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  1. Spike is adorable. Who else is going to clean up after twilight, be used for comic relief, have pithy little-brother comments for the show, make nachos or otherwise be twilight's personal baby dragon slave? So is that what he gets for a lifetime of servitude? Jut to be written off? I feel that baby dragon slaves should unite against the man... er... mare.
  2. Thanks! I expect I will. Any thought of new ideas, new perspectives, and of course, spaceships and lasers is an enjoyable time
  3. thanks 'Armony. Are you French?
  4. Thanks Rarityfan and RDD, I feel welcomed Red Cedar, nice to meet you. Do you write fan fiction or original work? what genres? Anything cool? where do you go to discuss such matters?
  5. Ooh, that does sound nice. Is it a black tea that's been flavored with black currant? Or is it just leaves and black currant berries? A green/white jasmine blend sounds quite nice. If it was green by itself, a drop of honey would do nicely, but that would overpower the white tea in your blend. Have you tried brewing it at 160 degrees (F)? For greens, especially, a lower temperature water can keep the tea from getting too sour or bitter. It brings out the sweet notes.
  6. Nice to meet you! I always wished I could play the guitar. I have one, just have no time to practice. Maybe it's a bit too late for me. Besides, I've got other projects. Rainbow Dash is awesome. Any particular reason you like her so much?
  7. Welcome! I'm not a professional baker, and I'm brand new here, so I really don't get to welcome anyone, but I'm doing it anyway. Your post reminded me I forgot to mention that my favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle. But Pinkie Pie is kind of Zen in my mind. My co-host is a fan of Applejack's, too. Anyway. good to meet you!
  8. My name's Aidan, Hi. I spend my freetime trying to write Sci-fi stuff. And I am the cohost on a podcast called Brony Quest which goes through each episode of MLP:FiM and looks for morals, messages and meanings there. I found the site by doing a search for forums. I wanted to make contact with other fans of MLP. I'm pretty isolated even though I live in a big city. And I hope to have some good discussions about MLP, or any of my armory of other geeky shows, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Babylon 5, Transformers, tea... I know tea's not a show, but it's good and I like it, so there. Anyway that's me, so, Hi.
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