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      Canterlot Discord users: It seems that Discord user data may have been compromised through a third party leak. While the chance of this leak affecting you individually is small, it is recommended that you change your password for Discord and enable 2-factor authentication for better data security.   You may view a summary of the issue in this Reddit thread.


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  1. Hey there. I go by the handle Lucid Dream. I'm an artist, and while I should be drawing right now, I'm having a particularly awful case of art block, so I got bored enough that I decided to give this place a try. I used to RP quite a bit, and over the past months I thought I was pretty much done with it. However, as of late I couldn't resist and came back to the scene for some more. I was getting bored of MLP forums so I decided to move here, where it looks like you guys take RPing a bit more seriously, which is what I would like (though I could be wrong, sorry). Anyways... yeah, obligatory intro over! oh. BTW. I love Braeburn and Big Mac. For uh... reasons... ya know...